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How to Make, Wrap & Accessorize Your Toga

Purchase approximately 5 yards of quality material in whatever color that you want your toga to be. You can use sheets; however, they may not be long enough to wrap in a toga fashion and would be more costly than fabric. Wrap the end around your waist a couple of times and then throw the rest of the material over either shoulder. Use a safety pin to secure the loose end of fabric at your waist so that none of it comes unfastened during your “Animal House” party. Women can make a cute version of the toga by wrapping the breast area, with something like a tube top, and then throwing the rest over either shoulder. Finalize your toga with accessories like rope belts, fake swords and gold chains and jewelry. Check out our craft tutorials for laurel wreaths and crowns as well.


Wire Wrapped Arm Band
MedusaHeadband Trident FemaleToga
Medusa Snake Headband Cut a trident shape out of cardboard. Paint and attach to a broomstick, How to Make a Female Toga
LaurelCrown LaurelCrown2
Make an easy Laurel Wreath crown with a paper plate. Glue paper leave (that you have cut out) so they cascade down the sides of the paper plate. How to make a Greek Female Costume, Laurel Crown, and Accessories. There are also ideas for making weapons for male characters.

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