Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Ideas

A Rubber Duck Baby Shower is the perfect choice for Spring. You can incorporate umbrellas, baby chicks, baby ducks, gardens, and flowers into this party theme. Whether you are celebrating for a baby boy in blue or girl in pink, the Rubber Duck baby shower theme can work for you. And if you don’t know, then the traditional yellow theme is for you! Some of the popular themes are:

  • Waddle Baby Be?
  • Duck Dynasty
  • Rubber Ducky
  • Get Your Ducks in a Row
  • Donald & Daisy Duck


DuckIdeas035 DuckIdeas036
Mason Jars Centerpiece. You could flip the colors to match your party. Centerpiece idea with Stryofoam balls and clear ornaments.
DuckIdeas034 DuckIdeas012 DuckIdeas032
Ornaments on stands topped with a yellow duck. A tin tub and 2 toys can make for a fun centerpiece. Flat blue stones and toy ducks.
DuckIdeas011 DuckIdeas030 DuckIdeas033
Yellow Boots as a flower vase. Don’t have some? Use yellow duct tape! Rubber ducky bubble bath using clear, plastic iridescent ornaments and the iridescent filler you use in Easter baskets. Wishes for Baby Idea
Duck Baby Shower GoldDuck DuckIdeas
Confetti Quick craft for decorations, game prizes or party favors. Just requires the toy, glue and glitter! Yellow plastic tableware wrapped in a napkin and tied with yellow tulle. Would really brighten your table!
balloon column with a special chair just for mom. Centerpiece Idea Yellow pom poms, honeycomb balls and paper lanterns.
Balloon Arch Centerpiece with spring flowers. It’s amazing what a little paint can do! These gourds are adorable!
Rubber ducks in vases with colored marbles. Optional – add flowers and/or water. Inflatable bathtub filled with baby gifts as a centerpiece.
TPDuck DuckIdeas031
So easy and so cute! Make by wrapping a roll of toilet paper with yellow crepe paper, and then adding paper eyes and crepe paper bill. Might be a bit tricky to find a small clawfoot tub, but definitely a cute idea! Balloon Centerpiece with rubber toys added for a touch of yellow.

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