Easter & Springtime Baby Shower Ideas

Springtime Baby Shower Ideas

Spring is the time for rebirth and regeneration.  So, what better time to be blessed with the birth of a new baby!  This is the perfect time for a party full of bunnies, and puppies, and kittens, pigs, horses, chicks, and more.  Here you will find lots of shower ideas for any springtime baby shower party.  These pages include ideas for bunnies, flowers, birds, chicks, gardens, springtime, and Easter.  The navigation links below appear on all interconnected pages so you can easily move from one section to the other.


Have a humorous side?  Check out our Egg Antics at the bottom of this page.

Daffodil Wee TreeSpring FlowersFlowers
 Daffodils Tree – Tightly gather a bunch of daffodils and secure with rubber bands. Cut floral foam to fit inside small container and soak in water; insert stems. Cover foam with moss and wrap with bright ribbon.Use 3 different size baskets and tier them placing Easter grass, eggs, bunnies and other candy inside the baskets.Love the blue flowers!  Great for a baby boy’s shower.
Lilies of the ValleySpring Flowers
Lilies of the Valley are a perfect flower for Easter.  In bowls or vases…Or, as a small bouquet on a place setting.Hyacinths are another great flower choice.
Spring DecorationSpring FlowersSpring Flowers
Lovely egg with thin strips of curled paperYellow tulips and yellow candles make an attractive centerpiece Yellow roses and sunflowers make a bright spring bouquet as well.


What are Egg Antics?  They fun, humorous ideas for decorating with eggs.  Make a centerpiece scene featuring egg antics ideas, or just have a few of them about your table.  Let your sense of humor out!

Egg AnticsEgg Antics
Egg AnticsEgg AnticsEgg Antics
Egg AnticsEgg Antics

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