Easter & Springtime Baby Shower Food Ideas

Springtime & Easter Baby Shower Ideas


Easter Peeps in Hot Chocolate Easter Candy Bar
Put Easter Peeps in Hot Chocolate Easter Candy Bar
Easter Sweet Potato Bunnies Chicks on Sticks Bunny Pretzels
Easter Sweet Potato Bunnies – See recipe downloads Chicks on Sticks – yellow Brach’s Bunny Basket Egg Candy, dot the eyes with an edible marker, attach an orange sprinkle for a beak. Then place it on top of a store bought tartlet shell, filled with tinted green coconut. Skewer everything on a lollipop stick. Bunny Pretzel Sticks – mini marshmallows for the ears. Cut the marshmallow in half diagonally and pressed the sticky side into pink sprinkles. Then dip the pretzel rod in Vanilla CandiQuik and attach the ears and nose. For the nose, use a heart-shaped sprinkle.
Jordan Almond Chicks Pastel Candy Bar Orange Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Turn Jordan Almonds into chicks. Use any color almonds or multi-colors. Make face with royal icing – black for eyes; yellow for beak. Pastel Candy Bar Orange Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Deviled Egg Chicks Easter basket deviled eggs
Deviled Egg Chicks Easter basket deviled eggs Pickled Egg Bunnies
Chick Pops Googly Eye Easter Eggs Carrot Cake Balls
Buy frosted cake cookies (like spiced carrot) @ store, break them up, mix w/ frosting, shape into balls, dip in melted yellow chocolate, decorate w/ sprinkle eyes & beak, fall leaf sprinkle wings. Ears: pipe strip of white chocolate, immediately add 2 Jordan almonds, hold until set. Googly Eye Easter Eggs – Glue on Googly eyes and add an expressive mouth with a marker. Use your favorite cake recipe and bake. Mix up any cake ball recipe and ice with white icing. Top each with an orange jelly candy and add a bit of green icing for the carrot top.
carrotcups chickmarshmallows Mustache Eggs
Carrot Cups – use any container – these are tiny clay pots. Fill the container with your favorite hummus dip recipe. Insert baby carrots. Poke a hole in the top of each baby carrot with a toothpick and insert a sprig of cilantro or parsley into each hole. Marshmallow Chicks – Press a jelly bean in the middle of the marshmallow. It should stick if you shove it in hard enough. Draw eyes and wings with an editable pen. Add a little frosting on top then add the toothpick legs. Dress up egg cups with satin bows. Using hard boiled eggs, make faces on the eggs – rabbits, mustaches, add hats or ears. Use as favors for place cards.

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