Elegant Baby Shower Ideas

Elegant Baby Shower Ideas

As the saying goes… “Take it up a notch!” Little extra touches can turn your party from inspired to WOW! Have them asking, “How did she do that!?” Below you will find party ideas for either a glamorous or an elegant baby shower, or combine the two and make your party something extra special.

  • Hollywood
  • Gold Glam
  • Diamonds & Pearls
  • Black & Silver


Elegant Party Ideas Bow Tie Napkins
Put lights under your food/buffet tables Light Tulle Backdrop Bow Tie Napkins – fold napkins and put a napkin ring on them. Flare out the ends.
Elegant Party Ideas Elegant Party Ideas Floating Candles
Lighted Tulle Tent-style canopy Make a canopy out of tulle and accent with either strings of wired or battery-operated lights. Floating candles accented with white pearls, surrounded by roses and greenery, also accented with white pearls.
Floating Flowers White Ideas
Floating Flower centerpieces. Can also be done without water. Accent with votive candles. Add some crystal banding to your pillar candles. They will reflect the light of the flame. Use Baby’s Breath and pearls or crystals in vases as a centerpiece display.
Elegant Napkins Bread on the Table Elegant Party Ideas
Roll napkins and secure with a pearl napkin ring. Place a small loaf of bread at each place setting. Add some bling to your table with loose crystals.
Rose Folded Napkin — Lay a cloth napkin on a flat surface, “wrong” side facing up. Slip a little of the fabric Then hold a dinner fork vertically, tines down (like you’re about to twirl spaghetti), on the center of the napkin. Between the tines to stabilize it. Slowly turn the fork in either direction (the spaghetti-twirling motion) so that the napkin forms a spiral around the fork. Carefully remove the fork. Encircle the napkin with both hands to keep the rose from unwinding. Flip it over.

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