Elegant & Glamorous Baby Shower Food Ideas

Elegant & Glamorous Baby Shower Ideas


Lemon ice cubes: Add lemon juice and lemon slices to water and freeze.

Blueberry ice cubes: Add fresh blueberries to water and freeze.

Mint ice cubes: Add several mint leaves in hot water until water gets enough minty flavor (take out the leaves because they turn dark) Add fresh mint leaves to the mint-flavored water once it cools down and freeze.

Lemon, Mint & Blueberry Ice

Elegant Party Ideas Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Sprinkles Elegant Party Ideas
Melon Balls in Citrus Cups — Use a variety of melons, make balls, and use empty lemon or lime rinds as cups. Top with sprigs of mint. Bling Bling Strawberries — dip some in milk chocolate and some in white chocolate. While they are still wet, dip in a small ramekin of decorator sugar crystals that you find in the cake decorating section of your grocery store. Chocolate Dipped Cherries — Dip cherries in white or milk chocolate and the sprinkle with edible pearls or sprinkles.
Elegant Party Ideas Elegant Party Ideas
Chocolate Dipped Pears — instead of apples use pears! Dip them in chocolate and then roll them in nuts, coconut, caramel, etc. Cookies made elegant by pressing a paper doily into the icing before completely set! Brie Cake Centerpiece – made from wheels of cheese is drop-dead easy. Choose pretty flowers and herbs in season—lavender would be perfect. Serve with your favorite crackers or French bread rounds.

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