Totally Digital Event Planner Checklist and Gift List & Guest List Trackers

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Introducing our Totally Digital Party Event Planner, Gift List & Guest List Trackers!

The Party Event Planner Checklist, Gift List Tracker, and Guest List Tracker are Digital PDF downloads to help you plan your next Baby Shower, Daddy Do, or other event. Once you download the documents to your computer, you can type in your planning ideas directly into the tools. Change them anytime you need to make updates. Now you can keep all your party planning ideas in one place! No more searching for that paper you wrote notes on, but can’t find. If you are like me, having an edible file on your computer is a godsend, and highly preferable to hand-writing your information.

The PDFs will open in Adobe Reader, which is installed on most computers or available for free download at

The Party Planner PDF is formatted in a portrait layout (8 ½ x 11) and includes 8 pages (plus instructions) with areas for Invitations, event location, dress code, decorations and setup, games and prizes, party favors, beverages, food, photos, sample table setups and tasks. There are status drop-down boxes to keep you up-to-date on where you are at all times in the planning process.

Editable Areas for the following Categories:

Naming your Event
Place Cards, Name Badges & Attire
Event Location Information
Party Games & Prizes
Decorations & Setup
Party Favors
Party Photos
Beverage Options
Food Options
Party Menu
Food Assignments
Task Assignments
6 Basic Table Layouts for 30 guests

Our Guest List Tracker PDF is formatted in portrait size (8 ½” x 11”), and has 7 pages. These pages can be printed as many times as needed. Each tracker has instructions, 5 pages of 20 editable rows per page prepared for you to use. There are columns for guest name, address and/or email, date invitation sent, and whether or not they plan to attend.

The Gift List Tracker PDF is formatted in portrait layout (8 ½” x 11”). Each tracker has 7 pages of 15 editable rows per page, plus instructions. There are columns to number the gifts, list who brought the gift, a description of the gift, and a check box for when the thank you card has been sent. You can add your information, save and then print. Or simply print and fill in the spaces by hand.

Or, you can choose our Expanded Party Planner PDF, which includes all of the above.

Instructions for each tool are included. If you enjoy hosting parties and events, these tools are perfect for you! A small investment for a tool you can reuse over and over!

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