Fantasy Baby Shower Party Ideas

Fantasy Baby Shower Ideas
Fairies, Pixies, Sprites, & Gnomes

Enjoy creating a magical, mystical world for your Fantasy Baby Shower. Give fairy houses as party favors or have them around as decorations. Be inventive with the things found in nature to use as decorations. Every baby shower has a little magic in it, but a Fantasy Baby Shower… Well, that’s extra magical.


Strings of twinkle lights in the shape of flowers will add a fairy flair to your decorations Using clear glue add some fairy feet to your flower arrangements. Add some moss and butterflies to your cupcake stand for a “earthy” feel.
Woodland Party Ideas Woodland Party Ideas Mushrooms
Fill Small buckets with stones, insert a candle and cover the stones with moss. Make a wood stand and place candles on it for a woodsy centerpiece. Paper Mache mushrooms
Fantasy Party Ideas
Make a fairy village. The houses can then be used as game prizes or party favors for guests to take home.
Using a branch, and either fresh fall or faux leaves, you can make a stunning centerpiece. Add some flowers either real, faux or paper to the branches. Make your own fairy or fairies using discarded Barbie dolls. Or any small doll you want to recycle into something beautiful. Fantasy Party Ideas

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