Fairy Houses – Why to have one and How to Build

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Encouraging fairies to your home is very simple. Place a fairy house in a prominent spot in your home or garden. Giving fairies a home will show them you welcome them with a fairy-friendly environment. In the garden you add a small fairy door to a tree or stone. Add decorations to your fairy house like a tiny bird bath, mushrooms, maybe a small chair or two. Make them feel comfortable and they will become a part of your home.

There are few things to remember when starting your fairy garden – call it Fair-etiquette. The area around your fairy house is now sacred to the fairies and will be their gateway into your home. It is now a place for you to leave gift for them, as well as them to leave gifts for you. What kind of gifts? Make them fairy cakes (crumbs from your desserts), drops of water, punch, tea, even beer, and maybe on occasion a thimble of honey. But you must remember to NEVER have any iron need your fairy house. Iron is poisonous to fairies.

You can make your fairy house as intricate or simple a you wish. The materials used should be natural – sticks and twigs from the backyard, herbs, moss, flowers, scrap wood. If you have any copper about, fairies love copper!

Remember to greet your fairies and send them good wishes! They will return the favor!


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EpicFairyGarden FairyPotGarden
How to make an EPIC Fairy Garden You can even make a fairy garden in that old broken clay pot you were going to throw away!
FairyGourdHouse FairyRockHouse Fairy+Garden
You can even make a fairy house from a gourd. This one is really cute. A Fairy Rock House from a soda bottle, river rocks and copper roof. Make a Fairy Garden in a box
fairy-house-3 FairyDoors3 FairyDoors2
Fairy House Tutorial using a bird house. Adding fairy doors to your garden or home is very easy, there are many ideas. Above is one. This is a another. Love the little lantern so the fairies can see at night.
StoneFairyHouse FairyCottage Forest-Fairy-House
How To Build A Miniature Stone House How to Create a Fabulous Fairy Cottage DIY: Make garden faerie houses, pixie towers, and toad homes from reclaimed materials


FairyDoors FairyChair
How to make Fairy Doors – lots of ideas How to make a fairy chair from a champagne wire bottle top.
FairyMushroom FaerieWell FairyFence
How to make Miniature Fairy Mushrooms Make a Faerie Well Make a fence from sticks of wood, trim the top to resemble a fence picket. Secure together with wire, leaving enough wire every so often to stick fence into the ground.

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