Thanksgiving & Fall Baby Shower Ideas

Thanksgiving & Fall Baby Shower Party Ideas

Fall and Thanksgiving are the a great time to hold a baby shower. Below are some Fall baby shower party ideas. Remember fall doesn’t have to be just orange, brown and gold. Leaves come in all colors and you can find some to fit your style. The navigation links appear to the left on all interconnected pages so you can easily move from one section to the other.


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Get creative with clay pots, paint, straw and burlap. Use an old wood box and repurpose it into a great welcome decoration.
Fall Party Ideas Fall Party Ideas Fall Party Ideas
Use some berry branches, faux or real, simply gathered in a vase and surrounded by moss you can get from the craft store. Get a grapevine wreath from the craft store and dress with up some faux leaves and berries. Use colorful bits of nature to make a gorgeous centerpiece.
Fall Party Ideas Fall Party Ideas Fall Party Ideas
Use ribbon and bittersweet around pumpkins for a fast, pretty centerpiece. Using miniature terracotta pots, black paint, and black foam for the base, creating pilgrim hats is a breeze. Use a different color of paint, than black, for the belt area, but then use a permanent marker to write the names. Paint leaves, pine cones, mini pumpkins, and faux pears. Glitter as desired. Layer in the center of your table.
Fall Party Ideas Fall Party Ideas
Put shelled or unshelled nuts in apothecary jars Pick up some pretty fall leaves, clean them, and stuff some in the bottom of a jar. Then top off the jar with more leaves, arranging them like flowers. Indian Corn Candles – use Indian corn from the craft or dollar store and wrap it around a pillar candle. Tie to candle with string, twine or raffia.
Fall Party Ideas
For a cool fall centerpiece take a wood slab and decorate it with candles, fruits, and small pumpkins and gourds. Use dried corn husks around candles for a fall centerpiece. Use a fillable DIY hurricane lanterns to make a pretty fall decoration. Fill the bottom with fall colored candies or cookies and put a pillar candle in the top.
Fall Party Ideas
For a seasonal centerpiece use a grapevine or ceramic cornucopia and fill it with leaves, flowers, fruits. Check out the dollar store for some inexpensive seasonal decorations and combine them into a lovely centerpiece display. Put candles in a glass lantern from the craft or dollar store and decorate with flowers, leaves and/or berries of the season and top with some pretty bows.
Fall Party Ideas
Use a cake stand to make a seasonal centerpiece display with gourds, small pumpkins, corn cobs, fruits and leaves. Make a centerpiece from candles, fruit and pine cones on a mirror or serving tray. Got a pumpkin cookie jar? Fill it with fall flowers and decorations for a sweet centerpiece.
Make centerpiece from changes, vegetables and flowers. Decoupage leaves onto pumpkins Turn gourds into votive or tea light candle holders.
Use dried corn kernels inside candle holders to keep the candle in place. Decorate them with dried leaves. Or, use nuts inside candle holders to keep the candle in place. Fill various heights and types of jars with nuts and top with a flower.
Fall Party Ideas
Slice the top off some pumpkins and use them for displaying your food instead of cake stands. Use pumpkin shells as flower vases. Decorate with pumpkins on cake stands.
Take a real or foam pumpkin and surround it with twine. Accent with burlap and pine cones. Decorate your table with real or faux leaves. Make flower vases out of gourds.
Arrange pheasant and peacock feathers in a bowl or vase and secure with ornament balls. Tie burlap around the chairs and tie with a bow in the back. Then add pine cones tied with string as an accent. Use orange, lemon or lime rinds as a candle holder for an amazing citrus smell.
Get foam (or use real) pumpkins and deck them out with faux jewels. Then fill them with fall leaves and flowers. Start with a floral garland and add nuts, apples, and fruits. Then place the garland in the center of your table and weave it so it looks like a snake. Then place little bunches of more garland, nuts, apples, and fruit in the “eye” of each wave. Use wood to enhance your table centerpiece. Wood candles and wooden buckets or vases to hold your floral displays. It would look fantastic with the flowers and candles the same color.

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