Fantasy Fairy Baby Shower Party Favors

Fantasy & Fairy Baby Shower Party Ideas


Peg Doll Fairies Make Fairy Houses – use miniature bird houses, tulle, glitter and paint. For special touch add little wooden people blanks and decorate them as fairies. How To Make A Spring Fairy Doll With Straw Hat Video Tutorial
FairyFavor3 MagicBottle2 FairyCookies07
Glittery Mushroom Globes – Photo tutorial Magic Bottle Favor Tutorial – I would dress these up some ribbons and bows. Package up some fancy cookies for your guests.
FairyFavor1 FairyFavor2 FairyWand
Get creative with some small vials. The example on the left is a necklace with a plastic fairy that has been shrunk and had wings glued on with a charm added. The example on the right is a glowing vial, which could be achieved with some glow stick fluid, water and glitter (minus the drink me label). DIY fairy wands tutorial
FairyTerrarium FairyLanterns FairyAltoids
Fairy Terrarium Tutorial DIY Fairy Lanterns Fairy Gardens – Use a small tin box (Sucrets, Altoids) and miniature decorations from the craft store to make fairy gardens for your guests.
Fantasy Party Ideas Fantasy Party Ideas Fantasy Party Ideas
Decorate wooden bird house with moss, stones, twigs – earthy decorations and guests can keep them as party favors. Every fairy needs a wand. These would make excellent favors as well. Or, use birdhouse and paints.

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