Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas, Recipes and Decorations

Mexican Fiesta Baby Shower Party Ideas

A Mexican Fiesta is great anytime of year. The colors, the food, and the easy decorations! Mexican food is quick, easy, satisfying, and relatively inexpensive to make. It lends itself to backyard or indoor parties. Below you will find some great recipes, fiesta party ideas, and easy to make decorations. If you are having a Mexican Fiesta party, I hope it is fantastic!


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Great use of color. The table runner serape compliments the blue table cloth as well as the flowers in the vase. Instead of hanging your pepper lights in a row, bunch them together and decorate with raffia. Ceiling decoration of pom poms and papel picado. Really adds color to the party.
Fiesta Party Ideas Fiesta Party Ideas
Outside party? Then stack some hay bales and cover them with Mexican blankets. Use the back as extra table space. Don’t forget the pillows! Marigolds in beer bottles – Mexican beer bottles, of course. Use a child’s chair, a serape, and some flowers as a great decoration around the room or as a table display.
Fiesta Party Ideas Fiesta Party Ideas Fiesta Party Ideas
Fresh flowers in Mexican food cans. Flower streamers attached to a sombrero. Photo backdrop of paper flowers.
Fiesta Party Ideas Fiesta Party Ideas
Get some party hats at the Dollar store, and bling them out! Paper wheels in vibrant colors. Make a balloon cactus.
Fiesta Party Ideas
Bandana Table Runner Decorate your chairs with serapes and paper flower garlands Paper Flower Arrangements
Fiesta Party Ideas
Fill the corners of your room with pots of paper flowers, serapes and sombreros. Use real or wax peppers in party glasses (like a Martini glass) for decoration. Make a door wreath out of the multicolored curly party ribbons by attaching them to toothpicks and sticking them into a foam or straw wreath form.
Decorate your tables with Mexican salt & pepper shakers, maracas, sombreros and cacti. Make paper lanterns from plastic dryer vent material painted with bright colors. Hang for a festive touch. Decorate your tables with curly ribbons and maracas
Hang paper banners – papel picado Decorate with sombreros and serapes Decorate clay pots and fill them with balloon flowers, or real or silk flowers
Use lots of colorful paper flowers, ribbons and streamers to make a buffet backdrop Use some of your paper flowers to make a wreath. Attach them to either a straw or foam craft wreath. Finish off with streamers hanging from the bottom. Make a flower crown for the new mom.
Hang colorful fiesta decorations as a photo backdrop. Use a Mexican blanket as a tablecloth. Or use a serape as a table runner.
Fiesta Backdrop
Or, use a plain fabric or canvas with some paper banners and a sombrero for a photo backdrop. Use a fiesta kiddie pool to keep drinks or food cold. Cupcake display made from sombreros

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