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Holly Rigsby
Holly Rigsby

By Reuben Wallis

Losing baby fat is not easy especially in the months following the delivery. A this article will show you, there are a few things that you can do in order to make sure that you are back to your normal fit. The product reviewed here does point out the way by which you can metabolize your way out of the ‘baby fat’ world and back into the normal one.

The ‘Fit Yummy Mummy’ by Holly Rigsby, is the perfect e-book for new mothers seeking ways to lose some of that baby fat. It is a given that women put on excess weight during the pregnancy period but it is what comes after the baby is born that makes things a little difficult for all the new mothers out there. For one, that sleek designer dress that you used to show off every now and then will no longer fit you and that’s the least of your problems where your fat is concerned. You may notice that you will be carrying on excess luggage in the rear department and that comes with the territory. The ‘Fit Yummy Mummy’ will help you to burn off some of that undesirable fat and in no time at all your old clothes should fit you, at least most of them anyway.

Holly Rigsby has provided a clear step-by-step guide to burning off that excess fat by way of her e-book ‘Fit Yummy Mummy’. From 90 minutes per week exercises to the reality about some of the fad diets, this book covers them all. Making sense of what your body needs and what it does not, can be quite a challenge even to an experienced dietitian. But this book should help shed some light on the murky subject of ‘supplements’ as well as help you incorporate the 28 key habits into your daily lifestyle.

The ‘Fit Yummy Mummy’ comes packed with some great diet planners that ensure that you do get to burn off all that fat. Sure, there are quite a few books in the market on the same subject but I am yet to see one that will provide you with the same organized approach as this one takes while tackling the touchy subject of ‘fat’. Aerobics may not have worked for some of you, perhaps it is time to handle this matter in a less, rigorous way. The key is to speed up the metabolism and with the right diet and a less rigorous exercise as highlighted in this book; you can achieve the same result in no time at all.

With so many books online it is indeed refreshing to see one that comes with an iron clad 100% refund guarantee as the ‘Fit Yummy Mummy’ does. You may have heard of how ‘the beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and all that. Quite often, the person who says this to you will be a lot slimmer than you and if you are planning to look like her, then it is evident that you will need this book to do exactly that. The neat thing about this book is that it follows a less rigorous method and thus allowing you some space to be a parent as well.


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