Friendly Froggy Fun Frog Baby Shower Ideas

Friendly Frog Baby Shower Ideas

Frogs are an extremely popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations. As it is a little harder to find good ideas for a Frog baby shower, I will be developing this page over time. There are few frog themes that immediately come mind. They are Kermit, Pond, Swamp themes. As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here.


Frog Centerpiece - Frog Baby Shower Paper Frogs
Use small bowls and place smooth rocks in the bottom. Fill with water. Top with floating tea lights and a pretty flower. Make your own paper toads to decorate with.
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Frog Balloon Frog Balloon Frog Balloon
Balloon Ideas
Frog Decorations Frog Lanterns
Lily Pads – wrap up paper plates in either tissue paper or plastic tablecloth, gather together at the top and affix a plastic or silk lily. If using plastic tablecloths, splash with water. Garden Toads. Paint rocks/stones from the garden with green paint. Add 2 small stones painted black for the eyes. And smaller stones for the legs. Turn green paper lanterns into hanging toads.


Frog Floats
Frog Floats – Lime Sherbert and 7-Up. Top with 2 marshmallow eyes with chocolate pupils.
Frog Eggs Frog Jello Frog Macarons
Green grapes double as Frog Eggs. Blue Jello with Gummi Frogs and a chocolate lily pad. Frog Macarons
Frog Pond Punch Frog Food Frogs on a Log
Pond punch. Traditional punch recipe with ginger ale, pineapple juice, and the blue Hawaiian punch -add lime sherbet right before serving. Floating lily pads from Lowe’s and toads from Babies R Us. Find some cute frog dishes at the thrift, craft or dollar store and use them for serving dishes. Frogs on a Log – Swiss Cake Rolls with Gummi Frogs on them.


Frog Favor Frog Favor
Frog Cookies on a stick Jars of Frog Candy

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