Friendly Froggy Fun Frog Baby Shower Ideas

Friendly Froggy Fun Frog Baby Shower Ideas

Friendly Frog Baby Shower Ideas

Frogs are an extremely popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations. As it is a little harder to find good ideas for a Frog baby shower, I will be developing this page over time. There are few frog themes that immediately come mind. They are Kermit, Pond, Swamp themes. As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here.


Frog Centerpiece - Frog Baby ShowerPaper Frogs
Use small bowls and place smooth rocks in the bottom. Fill with water. Top with floating tea lights and a pretty flower.Make your own paper toads to decorate with.
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Frog BalloonFrog BalloonFrog Balloon
Balloon Ideas
Frog DecorationsFrog Lanterns
Lily Pads – wrap up paper plates in either tissue paper or plastic tablecloth, gather together at the top and affix a plastic or silk lily. If using plastic tablecloths, splash with water.Garden Toads. Paint rocks/stones from the garden with green paint. Add 2 small stones painted black for the eyes. And smaller stones for the legs.Turn green paper lanterns into hanging toads.


Frog Floats
Frog Floats – Lime Sherbert and 7-Up. Top with 2 marshmallow eyes with chocolate pupils.
Frog EggsFrog JelloFrog Macarons
Green grapes double as Frog Eggs. Blue Jello with Gummi Frogs and a chocolate lily pad.Frog Macarons
Frog Pond PunchFrog FoodFrogs on a Log
Pond punch. Traditional punch recipe with ginger ale, pineapple juice, and the blue Hawaiian punch -add lime sherbet right before serving. Floating lily pads from Lowe’s and toads from Babies R Us.Find some cute frog dishes at the thrift, craft or dollar store and use them for serving dishes.Frogs on a Log – Swiss Cake Rolls with Gummi Frogs on them.


Frog FavorFrog Favor
Frog Cookies on a stick Jars of Frog Candy

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