No-Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

No-Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

No-Theme Baby Shower Party Ideas

That’s right, no theme, no frills, no fuss, none, nada, zip, just a “We’re Gonna Have Fun” Baby Shower Ideas.


Baby's BreathWish Well Hamper
Baby’s Breath is a great decoration. Make it into a garland for a gorgeous table runner.Baby shower wishing well made with hamper to hold the gifts. Then the hamper can be used in the baby’s room.
Fun IdeasFun IdeasBackdrop
Game prizes – a sealable plastic cup, filled with treats, and decorated with a bow.Flower rattle on the front door or wall.For photos make large paper flowers and place a sofa or settee in front.
Fun IdeasName SuggestionsBaby Birthday Predictions
Wishes for baby – guests write them down, By using paper that you have at home — like wrapping paper (small, light patterns work best), scrapbooking paper, colored paper, etc. If you use a thinner paper then you might want to glue it to some card stock before you trim.Or, have a jar for Name Suggestions. Let mom read them out loud during the party.

Post the wishes on a line using a clothespin.

You just need a jar, paper and pens.

Have a raffle with guests guessing the baby’s birthdate. Winner gets a prize after the birth.


Cake HackOlive PopsCaramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods
How to make a boxed cake taste like a bakery cake.Olive cake pops in plastic martini glasses. Very cute idea!Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods


Gift PouchBaby Carriages Favor
Fabric Gift Pouch TutorialHershey’s Baby Carriage Tutorial
FavorDiaper FavorsScratch Tickets
Baby bottles, baby socks, or even cloth diapers, then fill them with an assortment of goodies such as candies and chocolates. Top each favor off with a pretty ribbon and a handwritten tag.Take a triangle of fabric, fold it like a cloth diaper and pin it with a small pin. Fill with candies or mints.How to make scratch off lottery tickets. Have a special gift shown under the coating on one ticket. Everyone gets a ticket when the enter the party.
Baby Pacifiers from lifesavers and jelly beansBaby Shoes FavorsAdd a small pom pom flower to a favor box.
NO Theme FavorPregnant CakesBooty Favors
Your favorite homemade bread, a pot of butter and bag of coffee.Mini Prego Cakes – Made using cake balls and the belly is made from the mini wonder mold pan by Wilton.How to Make Baby Shower Booties Out of Tissues
cupcakefavor01Cakepop FavorsRecipe Stands
DIY Plastic cup cupcake holder – 2 plastic cups (large enough to hold your cupcake and not crush the frosting) tied together with ribbon.Baby rattle cake pops decoratively wrapped.Recipe Card Holder Tutorial

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