Game Trophies

Game Trophies

Baby Shower Games


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Baby Carriage and Pacifier TrophiesDIY Skeleton TrophiesBaby Bottle Trophies – candlesticks and mason jars topped with a clear nipple.
Shabby Shic Theme TrophyMINI BOWLING PIN CANDY CONTAINER – just add a base and decorate!Thumbs Up Trophy
Nutcracker TrophiesUse any dollar store trophy and fill it with treats.DIY Dollar Store Halloween Skeleton Trophies
Golden Duck Trophies Golden Duck Trophies – cover rubber ducks with glue and roll in gold glitter until completely covered. Baby Bottle Trophies – Fill baby bottles with small candies.
Halloween SkeletonsInexpensive plastic bottles hot glued to wood bases and spray painted with metallic paint.Halloween Skeletons

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