Gender Reveal Baby Shower Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Ideas


GROrnament GRBalloonPop HPgenderreveal
Use clear ornaments and fill them with blue or pink glitter. Then give them as party favors. Fill balloons with white paint, and the guest ‘Pop the Belly’ with darts to reveal the gender! Have only one balloon filled with either blue or pink paint. Harry Potter Reveal – Use a sorting hat as a gender reveal idea.
GRBoxes GRFortuneCookie GRFizz
Race between mom and dad to find the box with the answer. Have a friend fill 19 boxes with black shredded paper & 1 with either blue or pink shredded paper. Reveal by Fortune Cookie Bath Fizzies – Put those bath bombs that you’ve been saving to work by using them to reveal your baby’s gender. It may not be the relaxing bath you were thinking, but they will be sure to tickle your friends!
GRcascarones GRPopper GRSibling4
Reveal by Egg
(Cascarones – See Craft Tutorials)
Reveal by Popper
(See Craft Tutorials)
Reveal by Volcano
(See Craft Downloads)
GRBox2 GRArrow GRScratchoff
Reveal by Streamers out of a box Reveal by Arrow or Dart Reveal by Scratch off Ticket
(See Craft Tutorials)
GRSibling GRSibling2 GRSibling3
Reveal by Sibling Reveal by Sibling Reveal by Sibling
(See Craft Downloads)
GRSkyLantern GRSmoke GRBaseball
Reveal by Sending up Sky Lanterns Reveal by Smoke Reveal by Baseball
GR Silly String GR Balloon Box GRBubbleGum
Reveal by Silly String Reveal by Balloons popping out of a box. Reveal by Bubble Gum.
GR Sonagram GRConfetti2 GRBalloon3
Reveal a Sonogram with a pink bow or a blue hat. At some point during the party, mom blows either pink or blue confetti and glitter to show the gender of the baby. One balloons blow up and the other doesn’t. To achieve this, put pin holes in the wrong balloon so it will not blow up.
GRCake020 GR Balloon Pop GRpinata
Reveal by cake, cakepop or cupcake, either in the frosting or a surprise inside the cake (see Recipe Downloads). Pop a large confetti-filled balloon. Reveal by Pinata.

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