German Oktoberfest Baby Shower Party Ideas

German Oktoberfest Baby Shower Party Ideas

Oktoberfest is a very Bavarian tradition, so stick with the Blue and White Checkerboard colors. Banners, tablecloths and napkins would set the scene well. Wearing Lederhosen and a Dirndl isn’t required, but it is kind of fun. Encourage those guests who own them to wear them. You could also provide hats for guests to wear…. both serious and silly. Happy German Festival music is ideal for your home Oktoberfest! If your party is big enough, hire a local band to play (but be sure to hire them early, German bands are in high demand this time of year). Or you might be lucky enough to be a family member of a Little German Band. Otherwise, stock up on a few CDs of party music, both in English and German. Check out our Music & Dance page for some great musical suggestions.

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Add battery candles to your bottle cap decoration, or glue them to the outside a tin can and use as a vase. Beer Cap Wreath – use any wreath form and cover it with burlap. Then glue on bottle caps. Decorate some green felt Alpine hats. Use as party decorations or favors.
DirndlVases GOIdeas03 OktoberfestIdeas06
Put a dirndl on your flower vases – either cloth with lace and ribbon laces, or paper, ribbon and doilies. There is a tutorial for paper version (on the right) on our craft page. Super Simple Idea – Fill clear pillars with bottle caps.
BeerBottleCrafts BeerShotGlasses OktoberfestIdeas07
Recycle empty beer bottles. First paint a solid color and then add patterns with sharpies. Make your own beer bottle shot glasses. The top of the labels measure out to exactly 1oz. still needed to sand these ones down at the edges. Wrap mason jars or vases with gingham fabric or ribbon.
HulaHoop4 HulaHoop5 HulaHoop6
Hula Hoop Chandeliers HulaLoop3 HulaLoop2
Cover hula hoops to make party decorations:
Cover hoop with strings of hanging lights, cover with tinsel and hang crepe paper or fabric strips (you could also add some pretzels from the hangers), cover with greenery and add lights, or use flowers and crepe paper.


BeerMugPretzels BeerMugPops OktoberfestIdeas05
Pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate, topped with edible beads and a pretzel bend for the handle. Make beer mug cakepops! Or, do both at once!


Turn beer caps into candles.
PretzelNecklaces GOFavor02 OktoberfestFavor02
Pretzel Necklaces – quite possibly the most simple of all the Oktoberfest party ideas. Purchase an excessively large bag of pretzel snacks, then loop them through some string for your guests to proudly wear as pretzel necklaces. They get to munch on them during the party! Cloth Gingerbread Hearts. They can be ornaments or sachets. Use brown felt and lightly stuffed them. They measure about 7″x7″. Use ric rac for the icing on the edge, and make some mini ric rac flowers for the decorations. ribbon flowers would also look cute. If make for ornaments add some festive pom poms to the hanger. Make a special gingerbread cookie with your guest’s name on as a place card and/or party favor.

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