German Oktoberfest Shower Cupcake Wrappers & Party Games

German Oktoberfest Baby Shower Party Ideas


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Drinking Jenga

Stein Holding Contest

Line everyone up. Each participant is given a Stein full of beer, and must hold it out straight in front of them – no bent elbows! The last one able to hold the beer up (without bending the arm) WINS.

Stein Relay Race

Set up a race track… maybe add an obstacle or two. Divide the participants into teams. Each team gets a Stein of Beer (or water if you don’t trust them with good beer). This is a relay race, so the first person on each team takes off and goes around the obstacle, while holding the stein. When they come back to the start, the next person on their team goes. The team who goes fastest, but spills the least beer, WINS.


Indiaca is hybrid of Volleyball and Badminton is played with a giant shuttlecock (sort of a ball with feathers on it ) goes by many names. In Brazil, it is known as Peteca, in China, where it is played primarily with the feet, they call it Jianzi, in Germany – Indiaca! Like Volleyball or Badminton, you can play this game for fun in the yard…. split into teams, and bat the shuttlecock across the “net” to each other.

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