Ghostbuster Baby Shower Party Food Ideas

Ghostbusters Baby Shower Party Ideas


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Ghostly Fruit Kabobs.  Skewer fruit and marshmallows.  Use edible food marker to make faces on the marshmallows.Green grapes fresh or frozen.Chocolate dipped marshmallows with a green candy topper.
Start with green Jello.  Then add a dollop of Cool Whip, use raisins or edible eyes.  Or, no Cool Whip and add eyes.  Or, top with Stay Puft marshmallow men.Dip Twinkies in white chocolate and pour green chocolate over one end and let it drip down the Twinkie.  Serve as is, or insert a stick.Slime (green mustard) for hot dogs.
StayPuftMenMake Stay Puft men using large marshmallows, sliced large marshmallows for the legs, and mini marshmallows for the arms, and regular marshmallows for the head. Add a slice of marshmallow for the hat and blue jelly bean on the hat. Use edible paint or icing and add the sailor bib and ribbon. You can connect all the pieces with toothpicks, but my preference is a little icing glue.
Ghost Peeps!Turn your cupcakes into Slimer!Green Rice Krispie Treats dipped in chocolate, insert a stick, and decorate with a pretty bow.
A green chocolate fountain with plenty of Ghostbuster treats for dipping.Turn Nutter Butters into slimers and ghosts.  Dip in chocolate and add eyes. Junior Mints as a nod to the song artist.

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