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There is no other way to welcome the baby and celebrate the parents by throwing fun baby showers. For those who would like to do the honor of holding one for somebody close, I suggest that you carefully plan it so that you won’t miss out on any important things that you basically need to cover. Pre baby parties are to give the parents for moral support and maybe lift their financial burden a little by giving basic necessities for their baby.

The first question to ask is who should host the gathering? In the past only non-related womenfolk hosted a baby shower, groups such as friends, co-workers and church cells. Time changes traditions and it is currently more common and acceptable for mothers, aunts, grandmothers and sisters to host showers too. Someone has to take the first step to host the shower and the person generally becomes the hostess. A baby shower is a wonderful display of showing love and caring for a growing family and specially helps to welcome a new life into the world. A baby shower can be hosted either individually or as a group; in fact it might be more fun and exciting for a group to share in the excitement and responsibilities of planning out and hosting this extra special event. This will help to alleviate some of the stress of planning should the burden of hosting be shouldered alone.

As for the guest list, you would most likely have a rough idea of those you think should be invited to the event, but it is best to make sure the mother to be has a look at the list beforehand to ensure that no one is left out and that you leave out people that she doesn’t want there. Although the written invitation is still the most preferable way to kick off a shower as it adds a personal touch, you can invite guests using more modern methods such as via phone calls, sms or e-mail. Baby shower e-card invitations templates are readily available online for free or at a nominal cost. Regardless of the type of invitation used, you must double check to make sure that all pertinent information is included. This may be in regards to themes, a map or written directions to the shower, the address of the hospital the mother to be is at or any other item that guests should know about.

Planning for the date of the shower is crucial too. Never have it in the last trimester of pregnancy, during which the mother is most uncomfortable. Make room so that she can still source the things that both she and the baby needs.

When deciding on the gifts, think of basic necessities. Things the baby would need when it arrives. Towels, diapers or even cloth basket will do just fine. Try to be more creative by arranging the stuffs in the basket so that it looks delightful. You can also use a bathroom bucket and fill in with bath essentials like soap, lotion and shampoo. Arranging the items into a cake made of towels and other goodies is also appealing. A few simple things like rubber, tape and ribbons should do the job. Homemade baby things are a joy to have. Patchwork covers are indeed a delight for mothers and baby. So are knit wears

A baby show need not take too long to carry out. It all depends on the visitors present. If they know each other well, they might want to stay longer.

Although there are many different variations on shower events, but a simple schedule for baby showers is shown here in this article which should be useful as a rough guideline. Any part can be added, removed and re-ordered to your personal tastes. Firstly as the host you should receive the arriving guests and greet them. It would be a good idea to serve some light snacks or finger foods. Once all or almost all guests have arrived, walk around the room and get each guest to introduce themselves briefly and identify how they know the mother-to-be. Play a few simple shower games at the beginning as ice-breakers many wonderful game ideas are available on the internet. You have to bear in mind that some of the guests may not know anyone else there other than the mother-to-be. Once this is over is over allow everyone go and eat the available food.

Once everyone has been served and satiated, the mother-to-be can start to open her gifts. An important note is to be sure to have a designated somebody jots down what each gift is and who it came from. This will make returning thank-you notes a lot easier for the future mother. The guests may leave at different intervals usually a few at a time depending on how well they mingle with the other guests. Make sure the mother-to-be has the opportunity to say goodbye to everyone. As the hostess or hostesses, be sure to thank the guests for attending. If the hostess has any shower favors, they should give this to the guests at this time.

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