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Pinecone Mice Wood Reindeer
Mice Pinecone Friends – mini pinecones, nuts, and craft wire. CHRISTMAS-TREE REINDEER – make small or go big!
Gingerbread Windows How to make windows: Roll out molding clay 1/4 inch thick on a Silpat. Measure windows of house; add 1/2 inch all around. With a utility knife, cut out molds from clay using measurements. Make the Caramel Syrup, and pour into molds. Let set in molds until completely dry, about 1 hour. Carefully lift clay, leaving windowpanes behind. Click image for syrup recipe, or use your own.
Gingerbread Truck Graham Cracker House Gingerbread House
Vintage Gingerbread Truck and Trees – Great centerpiece idea. How To Host a Gingerbread House Party – It’s not just for kids! Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage by Martha Stewart (links for templates and step-by-step instructions).
5 Gingerbread Tutorials Skiing Bear Gingerbread House
5 Gingerbread House Tutorials Small Gingerbread Bear on skis. Use the curved part of a candy cane with pretzel sticks for ski poles. Gingerbread House Tutorial and How-To…From a PRO!
Gingerbread Sleigh Gingerbread Fire Gingerbread Log House
Gingerbread Sleigh Tutorial and Template Use gumdrops and pretzels to make a campfire. Shape the gumdrops into flames, use the pretzel as logs, and glue together with icing. Pretzel log and Gingerbread house tutorial.
3D Gingerbread Cookie 3D Gingerbread Trees Gingerbread
Mini Holiday Cookie 3D Scene Cookies – Video How To Make 3D Gingerbread Cookie Trees – Video Gingerbread House Dough Recipe & Baking Instructions -eBook $8.99
Candy Snails and Mushrooms Jack in the Box Chocolate Trees
Gumdrop Snails and Mushrooms – Download instructions Jack-in-the-Box Treat Tutorial How to make edible trees using grape stems
Candy Cane Fence Cork Reindeer Christmas Mouse
Candy Cane fence – glue pieces of candy canes together with icing. Attach to your house platform with more icing. Teeny Tiny Wine Cork Reindeer Tutorial Sweet Sleeping Christmas Mouse Tutorial

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