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Below are six posts that have some interesting information regarding planning and hosting a baby shower. Enjoy reading through their information. I hope you find something useful for your event!

8 Ways to Spoil Mama-To-Be at Her Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower? It’s absolutely the time to pull out all the stops and spoil the expecting mom a little bit. While you don’t have to offer up foot rubs and extravagance, really thinking about the guest of honor goes a long way in making her feel really special on this big day… Read More

Should You Throw a Shower for Baby Number 2?

We’re not sure what Miss Manners may have said back in the day about second baby showers, but we’re pretty sure everyone agrees that every baby deserves to be celebrated. And if mama wants a party, we say go for it! If you are worried that a full-blown shower for baby number two seems excessive, consider going with a sprinkle! … Read More

Give Mom-To-Be Outrageously Funny Advice with Baby Shower Mad Libs

Hosting a baby shower any time soon? You may want to brush up on your parts of speech and add a game of baby shower Mad Libs to the party! This entertaining twist on an old favorite will be a hit among your guests and give the mom-to-be a good laugh too. … Read More

11 Ways to Throw a Baby Shower for Less than $50.00

On Baby I’ve recently read a lot of threads and forums of people asking and commenting on a baby shower’s cost. Most people were saying that baby showers cost at least $300.00 and up. Some went so far as to say it costs over $1,000.00. That’s just too expensive if you ask me…So I’d thought I’d share these 11 Ways to throw a baby shower for less than $50.00. … Read More


…The trouble is, as I’ve grown up and started hosting showers and parties of my own I’ve realized how easy it can be to dump money into those things. Extravagant parties just don’t fit into my current budget (anyone else with me?) so here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned on how to throw an awesome baby shower on a tiny budget!… Read More

How to Throw a Great Co-Ed Baby Shower

While throwing fathers-to-be their own “man showers” is a growing trend, so are showers that honor an expectant couple together by inviting their closest female and male friends. “To throw a great co-ed baby shower, you have to get rid of the kitsch,” Lauren Haselberger, food and beverage manager at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, Illinois says… Read More

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