Baby Shower Ideas: The Green Baby Baby Shower

The Green Baby Shower

March will soon be upon us, and everyone loves St. Paddy’s Day! If you are celebrating a new arrival around this time, get into the spirit and go with a Green Baby Shower. Green is the perfect choice if you don’t know the baby’s gender, and you can accent with numerous colors including: pink, blue, orange, yellow, well…you name it. A Green Baby Shower is also perfect for the mom that is eco-friendly. Carry through the theme from decorations to gifts, giving mom eco-friendly baby gifts and disposable diapers.

If you have read any of my previous articles, you know that I am about showing you great examples of what you can achieve for your baby shower with a little inspiration and ingenuity. You needn’t spend a lot of money to make your party look great. Remember to check out all the seasonal merchandise at the Dollar Stores. You can find excellent deals on decorations, dishes, and novelties. So let’s get started with a few green party decorations…

Start with some basics like tissue paper pom poms in various shades of green. Hang them in clusters or use them to make garlands throughout the room. These are very affordable to make yourself and look great. Another good, yet inexpensive way to make a statement is with a ribbon bunting. Mix up your ribbon designs – stripes, polka dots, and shades in your preferred color scheme. Also mix up the ribbon lengths and cut the ends on the diagonal.
Use green carnations or other green flowers to make accent your tables. Keeping these simple not only makes your tables easier to manage, it keeps your costs down too!
Use green candles with shamrock confetti – fill the candle holders with green marbles.
Get wood letters and then glue pennies on the front side. Weave a small string of shamrock garland (with lights if you prefer) and you have a cool decoration.

Now let’s review some possible table settings. Your table should be the highlight of your party decorations. All your other decorations should compliment what you have selected to decorate your table or tables. You can have one long table, several small tables, or a combination of the two. You can have several tables for the gifts, games, and/or food. You can have a buffet or sit-down style party. An inside party or a garden party. You can do whatever you want, how ever you want. Isn’t that cool!

I love the mint green. This setting is simple yet very elegant looking.

If you like a country feel, then go a little more casual and mix up your green with another complimentary color – in this case purple.
Green Table
This is a nice setting and what is especially nice is guests can easily converse over top the center decorations. If it is too dark for your taste, lighten it up with lighter green or white tablecloth.

Has your imagination gone absolutely wild yet? It should be. I want to hold a party just to use these ideas! Well, I am not done yet, because next is the food; my favorite part! Get into the spirit of the occasion with green-colored snacks and desserts. On to the ideas…

Key Lime Fudge

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Shamrock Chips

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So there you have it! Great decorating ideas for a Green Baby Shower or St. Patrick’s Day party. Some beautiful table settings, even a few recipes! If you are hosting a baby shower in March, I wish you every success. I hope you have found some inspiration here!

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