Halloween Craft Tutorials – Ghosts

Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas


There are all different skill levels of crafts below. Choose the one(s) right for you.
Click on photos to go directly to the tutorial.

Foam Head Form Muslin Ghost GhostPinatas3
Foam Head Form Muslin Ghost DIY Ghost Pinatas
Ghostly Head Frame Ghosts in a Jar GhostLightsPPBalls
Ghostly Head Frame Ghosts in a Jar Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights
Ghosts Ghosts Ghost
Floating Ghosts DIY Ghost Face Picture Frame How to Make a Ghost
Pet Ghost Ghost Poppers Ghost
Pet Ghost in a Jar Great party favor DIY Ghost Confetti Poppers Glittered Ghost Cones
Ghost GhostPinatas
Make a Ghost for Halloween Cheesecloth Ghosts DIY Ghost piñatas
Ghost Ghosts Ghosts
Ghoulish Ghosts Tomato Cage Ghosts with lights How to Make Human-Size Ghosts

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