Halloween Shower Crafts & Decorations Tutorials 5

Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas


There are all different skill levels of crafts below. Choose the one(s) right for you
Click on photos to go directly to the tutorial.

Cauldron Haunted Tree
Faux Iron Witches Cauldron DIY Haunted Tree
700 Pumpkin Faces Preserve Pumpkins Bat Tree
Over 700 Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils How to Preserve pumpkins for decorating. How to Make a Hanging Branch Centerpiece for Halloween
Pumpkins Bats
Papier Mache Halloween Pumpkin Craft Spooky Floaty Bats for inside or out. Mini Ghost Pinatas
Halloween Halloween Jar Framed Witch Hat
Halloween Display Halloween Bell Jar Framed Witches Hat
Headstones Paper Clay Monster Decorations
How to Make a Stryofoam
How to make Paper Clay Monstrously Cool Pumpkins
Halloween Tree Fence Post Pumpkins Onesie
Haunted Tree Fence-Post Pumpkins Make a Candy Corn Tie Dye Onesie
Plates Son of Maleficent Halloween Lamp
Make your own Halloween
Paper Mache “Son of Maleficent” – video Halloween Lamp
Creepy Flowers Halloween Spell Books
Creepy Flowers Something Wicked – Halloween Door Decor Spell Books – made from discard books
Cauldron Cauldron Halloween Bouquet
Improving a Plastic Cauldron How to make a Large Cauldron Make a Halloween Bouquet
Pumpkins Cats Spell Book
Drop Cloth Pumpkins Paper Black Cats – Free template Halloween Spell Book Printable

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