Halloween Baby Shower Party Food Ideas 2

Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas


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Twinkie Ghosts Cider in Apples Halloween Cupcakes
Twinkie Ghosts – Cut your Twinkies in half and stand them up on a well greased cookie sheet. In a small bowl, melt your white chocolate. Let it cool just a little and then pour it over your little guys, guiding it a little to cover them like you want. Let it set up a little-till it’s almost dry. Then add your mini chocolate chips for the eyes. Serve your hot or cold apple cider (or other beverage) inside hollowed out apples. Use your favorite cupcake recipe/mix and alternate orange frosting with chocolate M&Ms and chocolate frosting with orange M&Ms.
Graveyard Pudding Cups Cat Party Ideas
Graveyard Pudding Cups – crush Oreos, sprinkle crumbs on pudding cup, add a ghost peep and a candy pumpkin. Cheese Eyeballs – Babybel cheese rounds, sliced olives, and red gel food coloring for the veins. Oreos, green M&Ms, pumpkin sprinkles, edible marker, and chocolate chips. Easy Treat.
Halloween Food Halloween Food Halloween Food
Candy Corn Pretzel Sticks – Dip pretzels in white chocolate, then orange colored chocolate, and top with yellow sprinkles. Pumpkin Oreos – coat your favorite Oreo in orange chocolate, top with a bit of green icing (for leaves) and a piece of pretzel stick (for the stem). Make marshmallow treats with green tinting, dip one end in chocolate (hair) and use icing for eyes and mouth.
Halloween Food Halloween Food Halloween Strawberries
Pumpkin Pretzels – Dip pretzels in orange chocolate and add a green M&M for the stem. Splatter your cookies with blood! Dress up some strawberries with your favorite Halloween creatures.
Coffin Dip Glow Stick Cotton Candy Cauldron Dip
Hollow out a loaf of bread to make a coffin container for your dip. Cotton candy on a glowstick. Put your dips in black cauldrons.
Ghost Pops

Cake pops are pre-shaped into a pear-ish shape. Dip into white candy melts. Just as the candy is firming up (15 to 20 seconds) place a finger at the base and “pull” down strands of candy to give it this stringy look. Add facial features with some black candy melts or a black food writers pen.

Ghost Pops

Wicked Wraps

Miniature sweet pickles, cream cheese, sliced salami, toothpicks. Cut the miniature pickles into fourths lengthwise, so that the pickle slices are still roughly the same length as the salami slices. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on a slice of salami, wrap around a pickle slice and close with a toothpick.

Wicked Wraps
Halloween Food Halloween Food Halloween Food
Carrots, cream cheese, and sliced black olives make up these fun edible eyeballs. Slice carrots into disks, slide them on toothpicks with a piece of parsley (for the “pumpkin stem”), and serve them with your favorite hummus dip. You could also lay these on a plate with a bowl of ranch for dip. Use a tulip cookie cutter to make ghost cookies.
BooNana Pops Pumpkin Afro
BooNana Pops
Quarter bananas, Dip in white chocolate, Use chocolate chips for the eyes and freeze. Or, while chocolate is still warm, roll the bananas in coconut and use raisins as eyes.
Unique way to display your fruit skewers.
Halloween Food Halloween Food Spider Pops
Draw faces on the cups with a black Sharpie. Add vanilla pudding tinted with green food coloring. Crush some Oreo’s to sprinkle on top of the pudding. Dress up buckets or containers as mummies to hold your treats. Spider Suckers – Use pipe cleaners and googly eyes to make your suckers or Tootsie Pops into spiders.

Celery Mummies

Garden vegetable cream cheese and deli meat make up these cute celery mummies! It’s easiest to pipe the cream cheese on for a cleaner look, and then cut your deli meat into small strips and place them in a criss-cross pattern. Use raisins or dried cranberries for the eyes.

Celery Mummies
Halloween Candy Skewers Candy Skewers Halloween Food
Halloween Candy Skewers – using lots of different Halloween candies and bamboo skewers, make some creative candy skewers as treats or party favors. There are lots of different candies out there that can be skewered. So get creative and surprise your guests. You can make Pumpkin Cookie Pops out of Oreos dipped in orange colored chocolate.

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