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Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas

I love Halloween! I am all about any excuse to hold a Halloween party, and a baby shower is a great reason! I tend to stay away from the scary and prefer the cuter and fun side of Halloween, so that is the type of decorations and ideas you will find here. On this page you will find some easy to do decorating ideas, recipe downloads, and some table setting ideas. So, let your imagination run wild and have a great Halloween baby shower! The navigation links below appear on all interconnected pages so you can easily move from one section to the other.


To inspire your own creativity.

Use black webbing or cheesecloth and drape over lamps. Accent with a plastic or rubber spider or beetle. Make cute skeletons for decorations or even as game trophies.
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Black wine bottle candles. Paint bottles black, drip candle wax down them – as much as you want – then add tapers or flameless candles. Fill in that unused fireplace with cool decorations and cubby boxes.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Creepyhands
Decorate your staircase with a spooky skeletal exhibit. Use clips to hang computer generated artwork from curtain rods, and spritz the prints with coffee to give them an aged and wrinkled appearance. Embellish your railing with a doily-and-coffee filter garland, accented with bows made with a wide black ribbon. Swamp lights – tea lights in jars secured to garden stakes with duct tape… finish with paper mache, paint, and aged gauze. Creepy Hands – Dig a shallow hole in the yard, set up a red light and some fake hands. Cover with slats from a wood pallet.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Hollow out a pumpkin and put in a washed tin can to hold your floral arrangements. Use any shape of gourd, paint it white, add black eyes and a mouth, then cover with gauze. Decorate your outdoor pond with hands. For an extra creepy touch, have them glow!

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