Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas 2

Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas


Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Dress up your walkway or entrance with lanterns and webbing. Use either painted or unpainted pumpkins, wrap them in tulle and secure with festive Halloween ribbons. Halloween Shadowbox – purchase a shadowbox from the craft store and use odds and ends to make your squares.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Put googly-eyes on ping pong balls and place them into glass vases or jars. Cut up trash bags and place around the house, over entry and inside doors and windows. Latex gloves blown up and add a glow stick, seal shut. Place in a jar of colored water.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Take a crow from the craft or dollar store and dress it up with ruffles, ribbons, and a pointy hat. Put a doll head in glass cloche – spooky- (A skeleton head/skull would be cool too!) Use hanging planters and place your pumpkins on the drip pan. Decorate with mini lights.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
White paper lanterns, glue and glitter, hand with ribbon and trim with shredded sheets. Cut out a cat face to match the size of your light string – using 2 lights for the eyes in each face. DIY Halloween Tombstones – Use Styrofoam or foam board to make tombstones.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Sleeping Baby Pumpkins – Insert a pacifier into the pumpkin, and draw on close eyes. For girls add a bow to the stem and for boys add a cap. Using black construction paper make a swarm of bats on your ceiling. Sculpted Candles – if you are into sculpting and molding wax, make your own character candles.
Floating Candles
Pumpkin Centerpiece. Find items at the Dollar Store and combine them into centerpieces enhanced with ribbons, netting, and feathers. Pumpkins – just drill holes in all different types of designs and light with either a candle or LED light. Use paper towel rolls, LED lights and hang with fishing line.
Mummy Candles. All you need is gauze, googly eyes, led candles, and some glass jars. Just wrap the glass jars with gauze, securing it with either glue or tape. Then glue on some googly eyes, and insert an LED votive. Get some candles and holders from the Dollar Store. Place the candles in the holders and fill around them with dried corn kernels. Candy corn painted wine bottles and tie ribbons around the neck, plus some votive candles with candy corn, and small pumpkins. Cute centerpiece for Halloween or Fall.
Halloween Centerpiece. Put party hats on your pumpkins and place them on candlesticks. Paint or glitter pumpkins, add painted letters. Halloween Village. Get Christmas village houses, people and decorations from the Dollar Store. Paint them black, highlighting area of your paint with black enamel. Place some of the houses on various height candlesticks. Zombie Hand Flower Pots. Get severed hands from the Dollar Store. Secure them in flower pots. Fill pots with dirt.
Glow Stick Eyes. Take toilet paper or paper towel rolls and cut out eyes in different shapes. Then insert a glow stick. Place rolls around the outside of your house in bushes, plants and trees. Gourd Candles. Cut the bottom of the gourds so sit flatly on the table. Measure the opening for the candles and cut out with a sharp knife. Insert candles or LED lights. Skull & Crow Decoration. Use Dollar Store items. Paint skulls white, pumpkins silver, candlesticks and bowl black. Assemble short candlestick, then bowl, then taller candlestick, skull, crow. Fill bowl with Spanish moss, twigs, dried weeds or flowers and leaves.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas - Coffin Escape
Outdoor Cauldron
Fill 2 plastic cauldron with spray-foam insulation; let dry. Use spray paint to add a yellow-green tint to the dried insulation. Tip one cauldron on its side and adorn with creepy-crawly items. Don’t let small children near the display until the spray-foam has dried.
Use scrap wood to make quick decorations. Don’t just put coffins in your yard. Give them character! Add spookiness by have the occupants escaping.

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