Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas 4

Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas


Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Glitzy! Using Hobby Lobby crystal appliques for scrapbooking. You just have to be very careful removing the decal from the paper. Very slow and easy does the trick. Make a cute pumpkin family centerpiece. A pumpkin, lollipops, tissues and pipe cleaners. Cool & easy make for Halloween!
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Pumpkins don’t have to be cut to made great party decorations. Use fishing line and dollar store witch hats to have eerie display that floats. Paint ornate candlesticks blacke and add a black design to white candles.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Love this! An old mirror, and old doll, and some super creativity! Jack the pumpkin king – Carve your pumpkin to look like Jack. Paint it white. Add a green glow candle. Get creative with your front door. Turn it info a ghost, a witch, or in this case Frankenstein.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Use cloches and witch hats as party decorations Shape chicken wire in shapes and spray with glow in the dark paint. Cut scrap piece of black paper on an angle, cut out some fingers, and punch out the eyes. Tape it onto the toilet.
Halloween Party Ideas Halloween Party Ideas
Make Count Dracula out of some clay pots and add a cape. Glitter Spider Webs. Make spider web using Elmer’s glue and glitter on wax paper. Let dry, peel and use! Keeping my eyes out for a tutorial for this… Wall decorations of hands and faces that appear to come out of the wall.
Wicked witch of the west table legs. These are easily made from old striped socks and old shoes or boots. (Doesn’t matter if they match or not. Just keep your table level.) Get foam pumpkins from the Dollar Store. Cut in half. Spray paint any color. Decorate with ribbons and leaves. Attach to door. Find a creepy looking twig branch. Spray paint black. White the paint is wet, add a few spots of glitter. Get a tall glass jar. Put the paint branch into the jar. Fill around the branch with Halloween candy.
Take wig form heads and bandage them with old sheets or rags. Paint over them. Then distress them by rolling them around on the ground. Attach them to fence posts. Haunted Crystal Ball. Use a glass fish bowl, fill it with a skull and black tulle. Print out a picture of anyone you want (black and white or vintage style). Place opening down on a cake stand painted black. Turn dryer vents into pumpkins. Fill with Spanish moss.
Using different types of the candle holders, float your candles and the put vines with dried berries around them. Stacked Pumpkins Paint pumpkins in co-coordinating colors. Accent them as cats, scarecrows, witches, etc. Great way to greet your guests! Peeking Pumpkins Glue googly eyes on small pumpkins and have them “peeking” out of pots, dishes, bowls, etc. Cute!
Ghosts Use glue dots to stick construction-paper eyes and mouths onto white tissue-paper bells, then drape them with cheesecloth. Pumpkin Candle Slice a small sliver off the bottom of the pumpkin so it sits level. On the top, cut out a space large enough your candle to fit. Decorate around the seam with leaves, bittersweet, fall flowers, etc. Embellish and Bling out some Dollar store witch hats.
Use Halloween scrapbook paper to make your party favors. Bottle of Boos. Frost a clear bottle and insert battery lights. Decorate the outside with Halloween images, raffia or ribbon. Combine new and old, elegant and not so elegant things from around your house, stage them, add cobwebs and presto…Halloween!

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