Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas & Decorations 5

Halloween Baby Shower Party Ideas


Halloween Party Ideas
Make a ghostly walkway into your party. Use a black fringed scarf to cover a lamp for a deliciously spooky effect. Use white pumpkins and decorate with ribbons, leaves, and ruffles – make a centerpiece.
Halloween Party Ideas
Make topiaries in glass jars filled with Halloween candy. Cute invitation Another great witch hat idea.
Color your pumpkins! Who says Halloween is only orange and black? Paint pumpkins black and decorate. Add spooky touches to your home with crows, spider webs and pumpkins.
Break up glow sticks and pour into glass jars with water to line your walkway to the party. Or paint the inside of jar with dots of glowing paint. Use a nicely shaped pumpkin as a flower vase. Dress up lollipops with a ghost costume.
Fill a pair of small rubber gloves with Plaster of Paris and set the pose you want. When completely dry, spray paint. Chalk Paint is famous for its easy distressing qualities Used the ‘Old White’ and paint with one coat then sand with a fine sanding wedge to reveal the skin underneath. Put glow sticks in white balloons and make faces on them with black marker.
Happy Halloween Candles using jack-o-lantern buttons. Glue buttons onto any candle, or use a combination of buttons and googly eyes. Candy Corn Tree Get a pot fill it with candy corn and stick a tree branch. Glue on candy corn for ornaments. Candy Corn Balls Get stryofoam balls and either glue on candy corn or use toothpicks if you want to eat it. Put ball in a spooky or pretty pot.
Halloween Luminaries – Mix white glue and craft paint and paint the inside of glass jars; decorate outside of jar with vinyl cutouts; add candle. I couldn’t find a tutorial, so here goes. Use any really thick book you don’t need anymore – like a dictionary. Distress the pages, cut a hole in the center for a LED candle. Using wire and ripped pages make the flames. Paint beach balls white with big black “eyes” and put them in your trees. Super cute!
Use a light string wrapped around a small jar instead of a candle to light pumpkins. Use glow-in-the-dark paint on your decorations for Halloween Use a red candle to make white candles look like they are dripping blood.
Black Cat Pumpkins Halloween Party Ideas

Use press ‘n’ seal saran wrap to make a ghostly friend in the window or mirror.

Use different size pumpkins to make characters or animals. Make stick witches and black cats.

Making Your plastic pumpkins look real

Realistic Plastic Pumpkins

Making Your plastic pumpkins look real. Pour some of the burnt umber paint onto a paper plate. Add a little water and mix. Next, using a brush, add your paint to a small section of your pumpkin. Then take a dry paper towel and rub up and down your pumpkin gently. This will leave the paint in the crevices of the pumpkin. Continue this technique all the way around your pumpkin.

Once you are finished, let it dry completely. Then spray with a sealer.

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