Baby Shower Ideas: A Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about gardening and outdoor parties.  What better outdoor party idea than a Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower!  From the great decorations to the party food, whether your shower will be for couples or just for mom, a Hawaiian luau is a fabulous, colorful baby shower theme which is perfect for spring or summer.  Complete your party decorations with leis and grass skirts for everyone!

Some perfect party decorations include:  tiki torches, palm trees, Hawaiian colors in streamers and balloons, pineapples, fruit and more fruit, and little umbrella drinks.  Include some Hawaiian music and you are ready to party down!  Oriental Trading is a great place to find inexpensive party supplies and decorations.   Fresh flowers are a great addition, but you can also make some great tissue paper flowers for decorations to keep your costs lower.  Don’t forget the fishnets and twinkle lights!

If you are holding a pot luck baby shower, perhaps your guests would be willing to give you their recipes ahead of time.  Then you can make a booklet of all the recipes to give as a party favor. Everyone brings their “best dish” to a pot luck and who doesn’t want a great recipe, right?  If you are holding the party outside, a small wading pool makes a great cooler for drinks.  Place a blow up palm tree in the center and fill it with ice.  Add your canned or bottled drinks.  Also have lots of non-alcoholic fruit drinks topped with more fruit and umbrellas, using coconut drink cups and colored straws.

Your guests can have fun dressing in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, flip flops or sandals.  Each guest gets a lei, grass skirt and straw hat.  If it is a couples or coed baby shower, maybe you would want to let the guys each wear a coconut bra to go with their Hawaiian shirt and grass skirt? Hmmm… Just an idea that makes me smile.

A luau screams roasted pork and hula loops!  However, many of us cannot roast a whole pig in an underground pit.  If you are someone who can, I say, “Go for it!”.  For those of us who cannot, then simply roasting pork ribs or a pork butt in the oven is an equitable alternative.  Barbeque pork ribs are also a great idea.  Click the download button for some recipe ideas to get you started.

BBQ Teriyaki Pork Kabobs

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As for hula loops, what better baby shower game than seeing who can hula loop the longest?  Maybe a hula dance contest? or.., there is always the Limbo!  Another fun game is taking a coconut (or similar sized ball) and put it in a basket that is located across the room.  The trick here is your guests have to pick up the coconut with their knees – no hands – and waddle to the basket.  If they drop it, they have to go back to the start. And, there is always backyard bowling! Click the download button for instructions.

Backyard Bowling Game

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As always, below are some great photos for inspiration. Not sure I like the new embedding with Pinterest; I don’t have control over how the images appear. However, it is easier to include in the posts. Anyway, get your creative juices flowing…

Luau Table
Decorate with burlap, palm fronds, and fishnetsGorgeous Fruit Table
Luau TableLuau Table
Luau Table Setting with colored placemats and glasswareLuau Table Setting with Color Lanterns
Have a Flavored Shaved Ice BarLuau Fruit SkewersFlip Flops as Luau Party Favors
Flower Streamer Backdrop
Flower Streamers as Decoration or Backdrop

Balloon Palm Tree

Pineapple Palm Tree

Check out our Luau pages for more ideas.

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