Hawaiian Baby Shower Luau Party Favors

Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower Ideas


Luau Pops Flamingo Straws Luau Favor
Rainbow dipped, dyed or colored marshmallows on skewers. DIY Flamingo & Swan Straws DIY Pineapple Favor Bags
Luau Favors
Palm Tree Favor Boxes Flip Flop Favors Straw Hats and Leis for everyone!

Grass Skirt
DIY Grass Skirts

Use twine or plastic straw in any color you want and elastic for the waistband. You can use an average-size waist band, or make them larger with the ability to adjust to the wearer. Attach the twine or straw with a cow-hitch until full. Decorate the waistbands with floral embellishments.

Cow-Hitch Knot

Cow-hitch Knot

Luau Party Favors