How To Bathe Baby

Baby Bathby: Li Jin

Who doesn’t love a freshly bathed baby? Yet, many parents feel challenged about bathing their babies because their precious little ones seem so vulnerable. Their silky smooth baby skin also makes them more slippery when wet, making parents nervous about dropping them!

The good news is that the more practice you have, the easier it becomes. Once you’re captured the basics, both you and baby will even look forward to bath-time!

Here’s our guide to bathing baby:

Step 1: Prepare baby’s dressing area before-hand so that baby won’t catch a cold when he comes out wet and cold. Lay out baby’s fresh clothes, diapers or nappy, baby lotion, nappy cream and powder within reach. Also make sure the fan or air-conditioner is turned off.

Step 2: Fill the baby tub with warm water and baby wash liquid. Test the temperature to ensure it’s not too hot or too cold.

Step 3: Bring baby into the bathroom. Squat or sit on a small stool beside the baby tub.

Step 4: Hold him under one arm and wash his hair first by splashing water and a small bit of baby shampoo on his hair. Rinse it off on the floor, not into the tub.

Step 5: Remove baby’s clothes and diaper. Hold baby as if he is draped over one of your arms, with his feet on yours or your knees. Using the other free hand, splash water over his buttocks to wash off any urine or poo.

Step 6: Splash some water on his chest gently to prepare him mentally before putting him into the tub. Baby’s natural reflex would be to kick and splash.

Step 7: Hold the back of baby’s head with one hand, while the other hand rubs baby’s whole body with a small wash towel. Remember to clean behind the ears and folds of skin such as the chin and knees. Also open up his palms, fingers and toes for cleaning.

Step 8: Lean baby forward over one arm to wash his back and rinse off any soap suds.

Step 9: Lift baby on the same arm, while the other hand swings a large towel over baby and wraps him up as you stand up.

Step 10: Bring baby to his room and dry baby carefully. Apply the necessary lotions and powders and put on his nappy quickly. Dress him in comfortable clothes and feed him as he’ll be hungry (and probably sleepy!) after a nice warm bath!

Frequently asked questions about baby baths:

When should I bathe baby?

Not too early or too late in the day as your baby cannot regulate his own body temperature well as yet. Mid-morning or just before sunset are best.

How long should a bath time be?

Keep it within 5 minutes before the water or your baby gets cold.

How often should I bathe baby?

It depends. Some moms prefer to bathe baby only in the mornings and sponge in the evening, while others prefer to give baby two quick baths daily especially when the weather is warm and your baby perspires a lot.

I’m really afraid of dropping baby when he is wet and slippery

If you’re really worried about that, don’t use any baby wash or shampoos, because baby doesn’t actually need them to be clean. Just bathe with water alone.

What if the phone or doorbell rings when I’m bathing baby?

Never leave baby in the bath even for a few seconds as they can drown in just six inches of water. Either leave the phone or doorbell to ring until you are done, or wrap baby up and take him with you.

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