How to hold a low-cost Baby Shower

Baby ShowerOne of the most important events in the life a couple is discovering they are going to be parents. Nothing can compare with that feeling of delight that rushes through the body when you are informed of the news. Everyone experiences the same sense when they hear the news about the blessed event for the first time; that feeling of anticipation mingled with anticipation for the future.

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a boy, girl or twins, you can be sure your family and friends will arrange to hold a baby shower for the new baby. What better way is there for first-time couples to receive some of the most required items for their nursery?

The first step to setting up a baby shower is to choose where and when to hold it. If you are needing to keep your out-of-pocket expenses down, then use one of these options:

• Your home
• A Friend’s home
• Your Church
• A Community Hall
• A Picnic Shelter at a local Park

Once the site is set and definite for the planned event date, then it is time to plan the guest list for the shower. After deciding on who is attending, the next step to settling on what entertainment and food you should plan. First, will it be a surprise event? Will the new father be invited? Will it a full family celebration?

More and more, baby festivities are becoming a family affair will help you have a low-cost baby shower; especially when older siblings are already part of the family unit. Making the event family oriented gives you a whole different set of options for having an extraordinary affair, yet observing the event’s finances small. One very laid-back and commonly expected way is to have a Pot Luck where everyone brings their favorite foods. A Pot Luck is fitting for either a barbecue or a park picnic.

Holding a family baby affair, while eliminating some planning problems, does present others; like what types of amusements to have that everyone can participate in. This can easily be planned around with a little resourceful cleverness. Have games everyone can play. Just be sure to have fitting prizes for any age winner.

• Egg on Spoon Race, or golf ball on the spoon
• 3-legged Sack Race – always a family favorite
• Ball Toss – Toss the ball at a target or through a hoop, closest one wins
• A Scavenger Hunt
• If you are at the park and the sand pit is large enough, hold a sand sculpting contest.
• Charades or Pictionary
• Guess the number of beans in a jar, or similar idea

Now that you have the place, day and time, who’s coming, food and entertainment under control, the next step is to make up your mind about decorations. I like to use a similar theme as the parents are using in the nursery for the shower and invitations. I also recommend giving presents in the same theme to go well in the nursery. If the party is a surprise, be sure to include that on your invite. If you are having a family party, then make a note to the adults that kids are not only invited, but are encouraged to be present. I also suggest that the host/hostess of the shower offer to keep a gift registry of which guest plans to purchase what gift. This simple gesture will be most treasured by the new parents. Also when several guests cannot choose what to give, you will have the chance to indicate presents or encourage one or two guests combine their funds. Invitations should be sent out at least 45-30 days prior to the party date. Request RSVP’s should be returned no later than 30 days before the event.

Decorations for the shower will be by and large decided by whether the party is inside or outside. Inside, you can use balloons, streamers and banners, as well has tablecloths and matching napkins and paper plate themes. Outdoors, you will probably want to keep the balloons, streamers, banners and tablecloths to a minimum in case it gets windy. However, a lot of scotch tape can help keep most things in place.

One way to give a very useful present yet have a spectacular centerpiece is to use either a diaper cake or a baby gift basket as your central decoration. Once the party is finished, the diaper cake or gift basket is a fully useful gift for the new parents. Diaper cakes and baby gift baskets are a spectacular way to decorate as well as give as presents. New parents are partial to getting all the surprises each holds.

So now you have a fully designed, inexpensive baby party that will be an event that your friends and family will think of for years to come. Good Luck! For more info I also recommend to visit this site

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