Key To Bathing New Baby Is Being Organized

Baby Bathby: Sue Rees

Bringing your new baby home for the first time is the most exciting time of a new mother’s life.

But it can also be one of the scariest.

You suddenly realize that you will have to make the decisions about looking after him/her and that there will be no nurse around to ask what to do.

Making sure that you are prepared for every situation will take the stress off of you and should help you think rationally and avoid accidents from happening.

Remaining calm in a situation will help with the experience and make the event more pleasurable for both mother and child.

Bathing your child can become a big ordeal but being organized before hand can make it a relaxing time for both.

To make sure all runs smoothly you will need:

1/ A small bath that can be put on a sturdy stand or on top of a large table or fit into a larger bath.

2/ Fill with water, using the cold water first then the hot. Test the temperature of the water with the elbow. Have the bath set up in a room that can be kept warm and with no drafts.

3/ Shampoo and soap. Both should be suitable for babies. Some normal soaps can be very harsh for little babies skin.

4/ Cotton swabs to wash around the eyes, ears and genital area.

5/ Clean Clothes and new diapers, a couple because accidents often happen and it usually does when you have just put a clean diaper on.

6/ Have two buckets close by. One for dirty clothes, the other for dirty nappies.

7/ Any baby creams that may have to used and talcum powder. Make sure the powder is for babies, as it can be very strong with perfume and this will be to powerful little noses.

8/ Have two towels aired and ready to use hanging close by. You will also need a small hand towel to dry his/her face and head.

9/ Make sure all equipment that is needed is placed close by, In arms reach because you should always keep one hand on your baby at all times. This will prevent your baby rolling of the table and getting hurt.

10/ Just before you start washing, recheck the temperature of the water again, just to be sure. If the water is to hot it can scald the sensitive skin of a new born very quickly.

If you have a routine and be organized every time you bath your baby then everything should go smoothly.

Take your time and don’t panic, enjoy this moment with your child because before you know it their off to college.

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