Little Mermaid Baby Shower Party Favors

Little Mermaid Baby Shower Party Ideas


Goldfish in small bowls decorated to match party.
SeaGlassCandy1 SandBar MermaidFavors020
Sea Glass Candy Favor (tutorial) Set up a Sand Art Favor Station and let your guests design their own party favor. Decorate bottles with twine and shells. Fill with sand, shells, candies, bath salts, or treats.
MermaidFavor015 MermaidFood-Treats MermaidFavor016
Bags of seaglass candy and chocolate stars. Mermaid Krispie Treats – treats dipped in teal icing with purple chocolate bras. Insert a fork. Place in a bag and tie with a bow. DIY Mini Mason Jar Aquariums
MermaidFavor05 MermaidFavor08 TreasureChestFavor
Wrap your favor in peach paper and tie it closed with a pretty blue bow and clam shell with a faux pearl. A small jar of Mermaid Dust – using sanding sugar and a little glitter and a tiny shell. Decorate with a bow and charm. Let your guests decorate their own treasure chest with markers and stick on embellishments. Place at a candy station for them to fill during the party or as they leave.
MermaidCookies09 MermaidFavor07 MermaidFavor06
A decorated mermaid cookie. Bags of jelly beans, fish crackers and gummy sharks. A large chocolate star in a bag with crushed graham crackers tied with a pretty bow.
JellyfishFavor MermaidFavor010 MermaidFavor09
Make a Jellyfish Favor – decorate with ribbons and bows. DIY Crystal seashells – use as decorations or give as favors in a beautifully wrapped bag. Use some dollar or craft stores mirrors and use a glue gun to embellish them with bits of coral and underwater decorations (shells, lilies, etc).
MermaidFavor1 MermaidFavor2
Message in a Bottle Favors Little treasure chests filled with candies. Clam shells with a gumball.

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