Little Mermaid Baby Shower Party Ideas

Little Mermaid Baby Shower Party Ideas

Party with host of lively Mermaids including Ariel – The Little Mermaid. Enjoy a kaleidoscope of blues and greens as well as purples and pinks. With a Mermaid Baby Shower Party, you will have a bubbly good time!


Make a special place for the mom-t0-be. Remember… Embarrassment is a natural by-product of the very best baby showers.
Portholes Anchor MermaidIdeas025
DIY Porthole – insert a ocean view picture between two painted cardboard circles. Accent with “bolts”. DIY anchor and cut from large piece of cardboard. Wrap it with duct tape. Make chain from paper plates (cut out the middle) and wrap in duct tape. Decorate clay pots and make fish bowl centerpieces. Can double as game prizes.

mermaid baby shower


DIY Coral Reef

Things you’ll need: Large cardboard/wood surface – lined with wax paper Wood dowels Can of spray foam Spray paint

What you do: Place wood dowel on wax paper and secure with tape. Use spray foam to create organic free flowing motions that resemble coral.

Note: Foam will expand so don’t spray too much in one area. Let dry overnight. Carefully peel off wax paper. Then spray paint.

Mermaid Ideas DIYSeaweed2 Jellyfish5
Lantern Jellyfish, fish netting, starfish, seahorses and shells – great decoration. Seaweed (cut out cardboard, paste dark green crete paper, scrunch light green crepe paper and paste) Shower Cap Jelly Fish – cheap, clear shower cap and ribbon tentacles. Hung with fishing line.
MermaidIdeas052 MermaidIdeas048 MermaidIdeas047
Aquarium centerpiece with goldfish. Can double as favor or game prize.
mermaid baby shower
Gorgeous tablecloth with chair sash. Love the fabric scallops! No mermaid party would be complete without the bubbles! It is amazing what can be done with balloons and a little imagination!
MermaidIdeas046 MermaidIdeas044 MermaidIdeas045
Paint or stain shells and starfish to add color to your tables. Hang fish netting. Embellish with real or paper sea creatures and shells. Make a balloon canopy for your party with fish netting. Dangle pom poms and sea creatures.
MermaidIdea043 MermaidIdea036 MermaidIdeas050
Every mermaid needs a treasure! When making your treasure chest decoration, fill the chest with sand, Styrofoam, or floral bricks, then add your shells and/or treasure – beads, toy tiaras, wax pearls, shells gold chocolate coins, faux gems and crystals.
MermaidIdea042 ShipsWheel MermaidIdeas020
If you are lucky enough to have an old lobster box, use it as a treasure chest. Make a ship’s wheel from cardboard. Embellish with twine and markers. Decorate with tissue pom poms and dot strings.
MermaidIdeas051 MermaidIdea037 MermaidIdea038
Make a ribbon backdrop from several shades of blue ribbon. Very pretty. Use double sided crepe paper and twist it to make seaweed. Tape to the wall and top with clear, white and colored balloons. Great idea for an unused corner. Chests filled with colorful pom poms and starfish.
fishscalewall MermaidIdea041 MermaidIdea039
Fish scale wall – use a mixture of craft papers, including some glittered. Scallop the bottoms and fit them all together to create a wall or backdrop. Floating candles. Use glass pillars and put aquarium rocks in the bottom, then add your decoration. Fill with water and add a floating candle. Use fish nets and starfish as table decorations.
MermaidIdeas021 ShellLettersb MermaidIdeas040
Puzzle guest book idea. Have the guests sign the back of a puzzle (in this case of the Little Mermaid). Put the puzzle together and glue. Frame and give to mom for the nursery. Embellish letters with acrylic paint and sea shells. Again, great idea for baby’s room. Fill the bottom of apothecary jars with sand, then add seashells, starfish and clam or scallop shells.
MermaidIdeas022 PartyEntrance MermaidIdeas023
Put your glass fish bowl decorations on a stand. Easy to make them from a candlestick and small wood plaque. Great idea for entry or can double as a photo backdrop. Instead of coral use rock candy in your decorations.
PinkCoralb PaintChipFramedArt pinatab
Check the fish department at WalMart, or other such store. Paint coral pieces to make your party colors. Simple gift for baby’s room – get a frame, put in a background – this one is ombre paint chips cut in circles. Then add a silhouette. Instant (or pretty close) wall art. Want a pinata but can’t find a mermaid. Revamp any round pinata with crepe paper circles.
MermaidIdeas030 MermaidIdeas031 MermaidPhotoProp
Paint a large clam shell and use it in a floral arrangement. Decorate your tables with blue stones and crystals scattered about with some seashells. (Which can usually be found at a dollar or craft store.) Photo Booth. Make a shell chair back and set up other underwater items to make a cute area for photos.
MermaidIdeas011 MermaidIdeas016 MermaidIdeas013
Add a mermaid tail to a floral arrangement. Find and old frame, paint it. Then add a mermaid silhouette. Embellish the frame with faux coral, pearls and sea creatures. Use an old candlestick and put silverware into the holders instead of candles.
MermaidIdeas015 MermaidIdeas06 MermaidIdeas014
Use fish aquarium decorations to make table decorations. Put them in glass jars, blocks or vases.
Disney Princess Ideas MermaidIdeas05 MermaidIdeas09
Fish bowls on candlesticks filled with sea blue marbles and topped with Little Mermaid characters. Fish paper lanterns, embellished with tulle, and felt. Also hang different sizes and colors of bubbles (balloons) all around, as well as some more blue tulle for water. Cover the ceiling with all shades of blue balloons. Then hang some paper fish and seahorses from a few of them.
Little Mermaid Table
Mix Elmer’s glue with food coloring and paint onto anything glass to create a seaglass effect when it dries. Fish balloons – round balloons with with long, skinny balloons and either marshmallow or ping pong ball eyes. Use a shimmery, sequin tablecloth for a Little Mermaid party!
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