Hawaiian Baby Shower Luau Party Food Ideas

Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower Ideas


Luau Luau Fruit
Amazing use of fruit, carving and color. Use melon halves as bowls for a cascading fruit display.
Luau Luau Luau
Accent your party trays with carved watermelon bowls filled with more fruit or fruit skewers Be creative in arranging your party trays.
Luau Party Food
Turn simply kiwis and strawberries into something special using a wine glass and layer style.
Luau Luau Luau
Arrange your party trays with the designs based on the food colors.
Luau Luau Luau
Give your party platters a grass skirt Including your tiered displays Make a shrimp tree as the focal point of your buffet
Bacon Bites Luau Tiki Watermelon
Pineapple Bacon Bites. Pineapple chunks wrapped in bacon, broiled until brown and crispy. Fruit Skewers displayed in a craft size hay bale. Carved Watermelons
Oyster Cookies Luau
Have a flavored shaved ice bar, such as: Banana, pineapple, root beer or cherry. Use 2 cookies, a dab of icing and an edible pearl and make Oyster Cookies Make edible fruit arrangements or baskets for table decoration.
Have fruit skewers made from pineapple, bananas, melons and top with strawberries. Add a great fruit dip. Yum! Use a monogrammed whole watermelon as the centerpiece of your fruit display. Use food coloring to color fruit slices and put them into punch.
Freeze lemons, mint or blueberries in water for fruit ice cubes Use 6-8 oz clear plastic cups, fill with fruit, and make a fruit tree from a cupcake tier stand. Turn your fruit into a great party centerpiece
Grilled Ham and Pineapple Skewers
Luau Party Food
Use hollowed out Pineapple shells as serving dishes. Use pineapple shapes in stars or chunks as garnishes on your party punch glasses.
Fruit Cones Fruit Cones
Use fresh flowers (lilies) to decorate your cupcakes Use ice cream cones to serve fruit in. Or use waffle cones.

Luau Party Food