Mardi Gras Baby Shower Party Ideas

Mardi Gras Baby Shower Ideas

Mardi Gras is a feast of color for the eyes and food for the soul. The holiday includes outrageous costumes and masks, beads and feathers. No matter to what to degree to you follow the traditions of this colorful holiday, your party should be an event to remember. This theme blends well with a Masquerade or Costume party.


Mini Beaded Trees from tea lights. Simple Bead decoration – multicolored beads in the vase. Make mom a keepsake box from a blank box from the craft or dollar store. Put in remembrances of the party – an invitation, napkin, party favor, photos, game card, etc.
Take a old tree branch and secure it in a pot or vase. Then hang beads on the branches. Decorate your light fixtures with beads. Fill a shadowbox with beads. Could be given as a game prize or party favor for guests to remember your event.
Wrap scraps of puple, green, and yellow tulle on a string of lights. Make framed art from beads and use as game prizes or for baby’s nursery. Wrap candle holders with beads and give as game prizes or party favors.
Mardi Gras Beaded Photo Backdrop Balloon Photo Backdrop Candles, beads and ornaments as a centerpiece.
Use beads to hold a candle in a glass holder. Decorate with ribbons and bead strings. Easy to make bead decoration. Use a wire wreath frame horizontally. Attached lots of beads in all the colors you can find in various lengths. If you don’t like the green of the wire frame, paint it any color you like. Hang by wire or chains. Use glass vases or pillars, beads, tinsel and to make your own fantastic centerpieces.
Make a deco mesh wreath for inside or outside.
Jesters and feathers. Cool Balloons! Centerpiece idea using masks, candles, feathers, beads, and confetti.
Mardi Gras Decorations Mardi Gras Decorations Mardi Gras Decorations
A Mardi Gras Fasinator Or, Feathered Headband. Or, a Jester Headband.
Mardi Gras Decorations
Make or purchase a layered tinsel table skirt. Make a goblet vase for decorations, flowers or candy. Or, for the mom to use at the party. Balloons as flowers for a table centerpiece.
Mardi Gras Decorations Mardi Gras Decorations
Candles with ribbons and beads, gold chocolate coins, and confetti. Fresh orange and purple flowers with greens. Feathers, masks and ornaments in a hurricane glass vase.
Orange and purple Gerber daisies. Wrap Mardi Gras beads around paper lanterns. Put beads and votive candles in cocktail glasses.

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