Mary Poppins Baby Shower Party Ideas

Mary Poppins Baby Shower Party Ideas

Mary Poppins is a magical English nanny. She blows in on the East Wind and arrives at the Banks home at Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, London where she is given charge of the Banks children and teaches them valuable lessons with a magical touch. Julie Andrews, who played the character in the 1964 film adaptation, won the Academy Award for Best Actress. British film magazine Empire included Poppins (as played by Andrews) in their 2011 list of 100 greatest movie characters. With the release of the new Tim Burton Mary Poppins in 2016, she will be crazy popular all over again!  Mary Poppins is the iconic nanny.  So what better way to welcome baby!  Have a “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” party!


Mary Poppins IdeaMary Poppins IdeaMary Poppins Idea
Carpetbag centerpiece – if you’re really crafty have a open bottom and pull out some the things Mary Poppins does in the movie.Kites on the ceilingPaint cocktail umbrellas black to add to your decorations or party food.
Mary Poppins IdeaMary Poppins IdeaMary Poppins Idea
 Make some “chimney” tables for holding food, or just for decoration.More chimney table ideas, or make them smaller for table decorations.Hanging Umbrellas
Mary Poppins IdeaMary Poppins IdeaMary Poppins Idea
Kite centerpiece or table numberHanging umbrellas and kites as party decorations.Door Decoration made from black tissue paper and a cane or a real black umbrella.

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