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The arrival of the baby into a household is both an exciting as well as tiring period. You can greatly reduce your stress and fatigue levels when baby arrives, by getting as much done now as possible. When you are about one month from your due date here are some things you can do before baby is born. Being pregnant is an exciting time in an women’s life, but at the same time can be quite exhausting since there is a lot to get done. So preparation is key to helping you enjoy those first few weeks after baby is born. Here are a few helpful suggestions in order to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival in your home. These are things you you will want to get done about a month before baby is due.

First if you’re working on any do it yourself tasks, finish all of them. Many new parents think they’ll finish the projects once the baby is born, but that simply won’t happen right away. The arrival of the baby could delay these projects for months. So any unfinished project must be finished. And absolutely don’t start any other projects unless you are certain you are able to complete them.Many new parents choose to do home improvements before the baby is born, they are inspired to get things done they’ve been postponing. If you are in this group, complete any projects you have started. If you don’t complete them now, it could take months or even years after the baby is born to complete them. And don’t be tempted to start any new task unless you are 100% certain that you can complete them before the baby is born.

Seventy degrees is the best temperature for baby in the home. You need to take some time now to monitor your homes temperature. Set the thermostat to seventy and monitor the areas baby will occupy if the areas stay a consistent temperature. Babies do well in homes that are about 70 degrees. In the rooms that the baby will occupy the most set the thermostat to seventy degrees, and then monitor to see if the room remains at 70. Try this in the areas where baby will be spending the most time.

No matter how frequently you hear this, you just do not know how insane those first couple of weeks with your new baby will be Doing some extra preparation now will help alleviate the craziness when the baby arrives. Thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom. If you cannot do it, ask friends to help or hire a cleaning service. Putting things away once you have used them will help you to maintain the cleanliness. Clean up right away after meals. You never know when the baby will arrive so having your home in a ready condition constantly helps.Once the baby arrives you’ll need each and every extra minute you can get, so now is the time to clean your house thoroughly.

Do a stock-up shopping spree. Daily things like shampoo, toothpaste and soap are things you need to stock up on. Stock up on paper supplies like toilet tissue and paper towels. Washing dishes will not be on your priority list, so include paper plates on the paper goods list. Make sure that you include cleaning supplies in your shopping spree. Make sure you have ample laundry detergent including the ones you will wash baby’s clothes and diapers in.Make sure you have all the everyday items you use on hand at the house.

Now is also the time to stock-up on non-perishable grocery items. Again the more you can get done now, will be so helpful those first couple of weeks, so think about making and freezing meals. For 2 weeks make double the amount you would normally make and freeze half. Also when you are grocery shopping consider throwing in a few frozen meals or snacks. They Will be convenient. Also make a list of the perishable items you use every week. This way you won’t have to try and remember what you need you can just get the list and go or give somebody else the list to help you out.

Some other preparation reminders are to keep you gas tank above the half mark at all times. Also keep you cell phone charged at all times. Due dates are just estimates you never can be sure when you will go into labor.

There’ll be so many sweet moments you will want to capture those first couple of months, so take some time now to get ready. So buy film or memory cards and make sure you have enough. The same goes for batteries make sure all the cameras and recorders are charged and that you have enough extra batteries. those moments only come once, so capture them while you can.

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