Merry Monkey Baby Shower Ideas

Merry Monkey Baby Shower Ideas

Monkeys are a very popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations.   I will be developing this page over time.  As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here.

  • Merry Monkeys
  • Barrel of Monkeys
  • Monkeying Around
  • Sock Monkeys
  • Monkey Mischief


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 Make your own vines from paper or posterboard and rolled paper bags.Scrunch paper bags over a roll (like a mailing cylinder).  Add paper leaves.  This can be any height you like.  If using more than one cylinder, tape them together securely.
Monkey Party Ideas
Monkey BalloonsPaint a stick (or dowel rod) brown, add paper leaves, add some stuffed monkeys.  After the party, it can go in baby’s room.Make cake stands from dollar store plates and candlesticks.  Decorate with paper leaves and monkey cutouts.
Monkey Party IdeasMonkey Party IdeasMonkey Party Ideas
Small sock monkeys from light fixtures.  Large sock monkey with other gifts in a small radio flyer wagon.Yellow plasticware wrapped in green napkins with a “vine” tie.
Monkey Party IdeasMonkey Party IdeasMonkey Party Ideas
Centerpiece using a palm tree, with the based covered by green flowers, accented with ribbons and stuffed monkeys. Monkey BalloonsSock Monkey Bottle Covers
Monkey Party IdeasMonkey Party IdeasMonkey Party Ideas
Green balloons and hanging monkeys, which can be given to baby after the party.Make vines to hang about the room from twisted paper and green paper leaves.Monkey Balloons



 Use a Teddy Bear cookie cutter to make monkey cookies. Jungle Juice, green Hawaiian punch , ginger ale and lime sherbert. Monkey Fruit

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