Monster Madness Baby Shower Ideas

Monster Baby Shower Ideas

Cute little monsters are a popular baby shower theme. I will be developing this page over time. As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here.


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Monster Boxes
Paint pumpkins bright colors and then add a monster face. You can make tons of monsters from boxes of all sizes with a little paper, blue and eyeballs. These look like kleenex boxes, but you can use any size box to have the same effect.
Monster Decorations Monster Ideas Monster Ideas
More monster pumpkin ideas. Make over kleenex or other small boxes for the plasticware. Then they have reach through the “jaws” to get them. “Eyeball” chandelier. The base is a hoola-hoop from the dollar store wrapped in yellow crepe paper streamers (also from the dollar store.) Then the white circle garland, trimmed it, taped it to the hoola-hoop and then added the black circles for the eyes. Or you also use stick-on googly eyes on white circles.



Monster Ideas Monster Food
Googly ideas on your favorite Rice Krispie treats. Googly eyes on toothpicks, make for “monster” food. The monster watermelon also helps!
Monster Sandwiches Monster Ideas
Monster Marshmallow Pops Make monster sandwiches. Googly eyes on the candy jars.

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