Moon & Stars – Celestial Baby Shower Ideas

Celestial, Moon & Stars Baby Shower Ideas

Moon & Stars are a popular baby shower theme, as well as Nursery decorations. The metaphysical is as mysterious as having a baby, so the two go well together. I will be developing this page over time. As I find something worth bringing to your attention, I will add it here.


Moon Party Ideas
Moon and star Balloons Moon Phase Pinatas
Moon Party Ideas Moon Party Ideas Moon Party Ideas
Star Mobile Glam up 3D stars for table decorations with curly ribbon, glitter and mini stars. Simple moon and star photo backdrop. To make, cut foam board into a crescent shape, spray with glue, blanket with glitter, then hang with fishing wire.
Moon Party Ideas Moon Party Ideas Moon Party Ideas
Celestial Backdrop from dark blue fabric with paper stars and a half moon and cloud accents. Add angel wings to chair backs A fabric banner.
New Year's Decoration Moon Party Ideas Moon Party Ideas
Sew or glue paper stars together to make streamers or garlands. Floating star candles as a centerpiece. Star Balloons – I think dark blue would be more festive, but a mix with white would also be equally good.
Moon Backdrop
Heavenly backdrop with strands of tinsel or shiny ribbons and metallic stars. Make paper mache moons. Place on candlesticks or thin vases. Make balloon angels. The bottom is covered in tulle.


Moon Party Ideas Moon Oreos
Make your favorite macaron recipe and had make them “sparkly” by sprinkling them with edible glitter. candy covered Oreos that are super easy, with a sprinkling of sparkly confetti. Melted some Almond Bark, dipped the cookies in white chocolate, and then lay them out on some wax paper. Sprinkled them with the stars before hardening.
Moon Party Ideas moonfood1 Moon Party Ideas
Heavenly blue and white candy bar. Pineapple stars on drink glasses . White cloud cotton candy.


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