Murder Mystery DIY Party Props & Prop Ideas

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Sugar Bottle Saloon Doors
How To Make A Sugar Bottle Make a Saloon Door entrance to your Western Murder Mystery party out of cardboard.
Cave DIY Flamepit
Ticket Booth from a refrigerator box How to make a cave out of paper DIY Flameless Fire Pit
Circus Entrance Fortune Teller Fortune Teller Booth
Circus Entrance Fortune Teller in Booth Homemade Costume Idea DIY Fortune Teller Booth
Speakeasy Idea Shields Ticket Booth
Nice speakeasy decoration or centerpiece – crate, box of pearls, crystals and candles. DIY Medieval Projects – lots of different tutorials and ideas Scary Ticket Booth – How to Build
Faux Barbed Wire Fake Barrel
How to Make a Paper Mache Cactus Faux Barbed Wire DIY : Fake Wine / Whiskey Barrel
Gold Mine DIY Crates Fake Hay Bale
Gold Mine prop – paper mache rocks over timbers of wood or cardboard. DIY painted Cardboard Boxes to use as crates. Fake Hay Bale Tutorial
Barrel Cactus Brown Bag
How to Make a Wooden Beer Barrel DIY Cardboard Cactus Brown Bag Bottles for your speakeasy.
Dynamite Charleston SpeakeasyProp2
How to make Stage Prop Dynamite Learn The Charleston Step By Step Speakeasy Prop Idea – small barrels and boxes on a trailer.
Props1 Flapper Booth Props2
Photo Prop Tutorial 1920’s Party Photo Booth Tutorial Lots of Printable Photo Booth Props – available for purchase
MobsterProp Crystal Ball Cigars
Mobster prop idea – skeleton in “cement overshoes”. How to make a crystal ball How to Make Fake Cigars
Helmets SpeakeasyProp2 SpeakeasyProp
Building a Medieval Helmet Out of Cardboard Speakeasy Treats – Chocolate cigars and candy cigarettes. Speakeasy props, boxes with stenciled letters and bottles.
Pilings Hangman's Noose Money Prop
How to create wooden pilings the Pirate Way How to tie a hangman’s noose How to Make a convincing briefcase full of money as a movie prop
Plate Handprint Mug Shots
Design Paper Plates to match your party with colored sharpies. Do It Yourself Bloody Handprint Window Clings Don’t forget to have the guests take “mug shots”. You could include some cute paper cutout props – big glasses, a pipe, a mustache, etc.
Jail Deadwood Props Morgue
Links to a Jail Stand and other props and themes and props as well. Make use of items available locally, your home or the neighbors. Find ones that fit your theme. Hay bales, wagon wheels and cowboy hats would be great for any western theme party. DIY Morgue with cardboard and brown paper. No instructions. Looks easy enough to duplicate. The sign is in glow in the dark paint.

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