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These are links to Murder Mystery packages. We find these to include pretty much everything you need to host your own party. We do not have any personal knowledge of any of these packages. They are offered as alternatives to designing your own or our Amazon links. Each site offers different support, information, and upgrade options. Choose wisely, know what is and is not included in your selection, and most of all have fun!

See below for links to Free and Individual Scrips, Scavenger Hunts, and Treasure Hunts.
We are not affiliated with any of the websites or companies on this page.


Murdern MayhemMysteries on the Net
Murder n’ Mayhem – Package price is based on the number of players, lots of options and customizing available.  Prices start at $8.95 per player and go up from there.Mysteries on the Net – nice selection of themes, good support, no help with costumes or menus.  Price starts at $39.00, some themes have an upgrade option.Over 400 murder mystery packages, decorations, and party props on Amazon.
Merri MysteriesGreat Murder Mystery GamesHaley Productions
Merry Mysteries – nice game selections with optional upgrades and information.Great Murder Mystery Games – moderate selection of games, offer tips and advice.Haley Productions Games – small selection of games for large groups (20+), offer advice, tips, with recipes and websites to help you plan your menu. (I don’t like this website… at all!)
Host a PartyFreeform GamesParty411
Host a Party –  nice selection of games and wide range of prices, also offer weekly specials.FreeForm Games – nice selection of games for all ages.  They also offer a free game for 10 players.Party 411 – selection of free murder mysteries.  They have party planning, personalization and decorations for pretty much all party themes.
MM Party GamesDinner&MurderPlaying with Murder
Printable Mystery Games – Downloadable games – starting at $16.95, includes recipes and DIY videos on site. Dinner and a Murder – Several games to choose from starting about $39.00Playing with Murder – a small selection of games, but seem interesting.  They also have 30-minute games for those who don’t want to spend hours on a game.
Shot In The Dark MysteriesMMlogoNight of Mystery
Shot In The Dark Mysteries – can be customized to your number of guests – lots of themes availableMy Mystery Party – has many theme options with upgrade options for more players and prop packages.Night of Mystery –  Themes available – how to play guide – non-murder mysteries also available.

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