My Baby is Snoring – Is that Normal?

SnoringBy: Jason Kassel, PhD

As a mother, especially if you are a new mother, you are going to have numerous concerns and worries. Many parts of motherhood will scare you, and you are going to want to do everything that you can to keep your baby healthy. Part of this is taking action any time something seems strange or off. For many, this means doing something the moment the baby starts to snore. Snoring is not something that you expect from a baby and it is something that you will want to deal with right away. There is not a lot to worry about here, but that does not mean you should ignore it completely.

Snoring is not a huge concern for babies. At some point, most babies will snore. It is not a health concern at any point, as long as it is merely snoring. Snoring itself is simple and is not dangerous in any way. It poses no health risks or concerns, it does not affect the baby’s development, it does not affect the baby’s sleeping, and it does not cause any problems. Again, that is if it is snoring. Sometimes, there is more to it. In those cases, you will want to speak with a medical professional right away to find the right treatment options or find the right solution yourself.

There are times when the snoring and breathing problems come from a blocked passageway. Some babies will experience this at some point, leading to strange breathing behavior. A blocked passageway is something that you might have the ability to clear yourself with a hose built specifically for this problem or it might come from the structure of the baby’s passageway. Enlarged tonsils, as an example, might cause breathing difficulties and snoring in a baby. In a situation like this, removal is the only way to fix the problem. Some other structural problems will fix themselves.

Sleep apnea is something that you have to watch out for with snoring. It can cause your baby to stop breathing entirely. Listen for strange noises and breathing patterns while your baby is sleeping. If it is more than just snoring, you will want to speak with a medical professional. Sleep apnea is something that you want to fix immediately because of the potential side effects that come with it. Talk to your doctor, have them examine the babyFeature Articles, and find the right solution to this problem.

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