Nautical & Boat Baby Shower Party Food Ideas

Ships, Boats & Nautical Baby Shower Ideas


Nautical Food beachfood025
Styrofoam balls and cut them in half, attaching on pink marshmallows with toothpicks to make sea anemones. Dress up your food with sea creatures made from edible vegetables.
Nautical Food Nautical Food Nautical Food
Jello Sailboats – Blue Jello, mandarin orange segments topped with a paper sail. Deviled Egg Boats – Add red, green or yellow pepper pieces to deviled eggs for a nautical touch. Lemon halves topped with paper sails as place cards.
Fish Ice Cubes Nautical Food Nautical Food
Fill your punch bowl with fish-shaped ice. Use your favorite spinach dip and label it “Seaweed” dip. Cut your favorite cheese into triangles and call the pieces “Shark Teeth”.
Bloody Mary Shooters Nautical Food Nautical Food
Bloody Mary Shrimp Shooters – Virgin for the mom, of course. Add some crab to your favorite deviled egg recipe. Whip cream cheese and sour cream (or crème fraîche) together, form into little balls and push the stick in. Then wrap each one in smoked salmon, dip in caviar and top with chopped chives. If you can’t find caviar, you could try black sea salt to get the same look and level of saltiness.

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