Nautical & Boat Baby Shower Party Favors

Ships, Boats & Nautical Baby Shower Ideas


Nautical FavorsNautical FavorsNautical Favors
Party favors – Little candy ocean scenes! Blue jelly beans + Haribo gummi shark, shells, and rocks + Goldfish crackers.Add shells to picture frames and give as favors, or to the new mom to use in the nursery with a photo from her shower.Specially decorated and wrapped cookies.
Nautical FavorsNautical FavorsNautical Favors
Fill small jars with sea glass candy. Clear ornaments filled with sand and shells, tied with a pretty bow. Use shells and make them into candles.
Beach FavorNautical FavorsNautical Favors
Message in a Bottle FavorsGoldfish crackers in a cute baggie or boxSoap goldfish in bags of water

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